Hi all! today is the last day in the series Decorate with us for Easter in the kitchen! We have finally reached day 5 😊

It has been such a pleasure to join in with our host Terrie and the other girls .

So at the end of my post I’ve linked Terrie from decoratewithtipandmore and Tammy from patinaandpaint.com

Please make sure you pop over to their blogs and check them out. Below!!

Let’s begin the tour

I added wreaths to the backs of my counter stools!! I love wreaths on the back of chairs no matter what the season is
I blogged about this yesterday you can find it here >> > Simple Easter Vignette
I just added a little wooden riser and a plant
I added three little egg nests as this is my tea area so I need it clear as I drink tons of tea!
I added a carton of eggs and a bunny picture (cute)
I added two little bunnies and a chicken . I use this area for cooking and need it to be a free zone so I can easily move these bunnies out of my way .. I place all my spices on this marble tray so it doesn’t stain my countertop .
I originally had this in the hutch but took it out! I like it better here.
I added two little vases and an Easter picture/ sign
Mr & Mrs bunny sooooo cute!!
This is kinda my work station area . I keep my diary journal pen lighter etc here
This was day three project. You can check it out here >>> https://fb.watch/jarK8A_QXt/
I added a live life laughter etc candle light and sone bunnies to my hand washing station!!
This is yesterdays project you can find the video here>>> https://fb.watch/jarFUPB0J0/
This is an over all glimpse of my Easter kitchen decor
My hutch
I decided to hang the diy picture frame here , for now anyways..

Thanks for stopping by all and hope you got some inspiration!

God bless and stay safe

Teresa! xoxo!



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