Hi all and welcome to the series decorate with us for Christmas. We are doing our home tours

So check out our wonderful host Terrie from http://www.decorate and more with tip.com and Tammy from http://www.patinaand paint.com

I will post both their links at the end of my post so you can jump over and give them a like and a thumbs up!

I’m going to jump right into this home tour and just post photos so you can sit back and just scroll! I’ll be giving you a day and night tour

This is my wreath I hung on tbd back of my entry door

I hope you liked my home and how I’ve decorated it for Christmas. It might be right up your alley or not your cup of tea .. I did things different this year but somehow I still couldn’t help but sneak those reds in somewhere!!

Thanks for stopping by and stay blessed all!





2 thoughts on “Christmas house tour 2022

  1. Absolutely beautiful Teresa! I love how you have something lighted in every room. And those patio doors are genius! LOVE how you’ve decorated your home for Christmas!


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