Today on as part of the series decorate with us for Christmas we are doing our front porches..

I’ll be joining our host Terrie from and Tammy from

So let’s jump right in and I’ll show you how I styled my porch this Christmas! I’ve kept it light coloured and and no reds.. just simple to keep in style with the house itself! Although next year I could change my mind 😉

I’ll add their links at the end of my post so you can hop on over and see their porches!

This is my porch before I decorated it for Christmas
First thing I did was added the garland around the door
I added tbd garland to the gable and under all the eves
I added all the lights on first and fluffed up the garland as I went along. I am a great believer in fluffing garland and trees
I did a lot of decorating on the ground especially to the high up gable.. Other wise I wouldn’t have been able to get up to decorate it
I added the mesh and then I added pine cones and baubles
Below I have a quick tutorial on how I made this mini tree
I had an old Christmas tree that my cut up for me. He used an angle grinder to cut the branches off . I used three branches in total to bake my mini tree!
I simply tied them together using two cable ties . I left one branch higher so it would become the tip
I bent the bottom stems up and cable tied them so this gave me an anchor to put my tree in the pot
Once I got it in the pot I fluffed it up. I also used white stones to hold it in place.
This is the wreath I made you can find it in my previous blog post.
This is the swags I made .. One for each side of the posts
I added bells to the wreath . I wanted to keep with the whole bell theme

I hope you get some inspiration and thanks for stopping by. Don’t

forget to jump over to Terrie’s and Tammy’s blogs to check out their porches I have put their links below!!

Stay save and God bless

Teresa xoxo!


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  1. Teresa your home is absolutely beautiful!!! Thanks so much for sharing- I love the idea of making the small trees… definitely doing that next year!


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