Today on the series decorate with us for Christmas we are making one of my favourite things to do , a Christmas wreath..

I’m teaming up with the girls again so I’ll leave the link to our host Terrie from and Tammy from at the end of my post

I e made this wreath from scratch but it’s been a few years ago now so I’ll try and break it down easy for you to follow if you want to make it yourself from scratch

First thing I did was get some plastic water mains pipe and covered it with black tape . I couldn’t find green at the time and I made this wreath about 13 years ago and has held up great..
I had a wide garland so I wrapped it around the black pipe
I fluffed it up and put lights on it
I then took some decor mesh and began to wrap it around the wreath
I made a bow type effect on top and let me tell you that this stuff is so easy to work with and all you need is the actual branches to tie it and hold it in place.
I added pine cones and some baubles
I added the bells that I made and my hubby hung the wreath for me ! You can see the tutorial here >> https://throughavintagedoor/christmas-bells

So before I got a chance to take any more photos my hubby hung the wreath.

Because Friday is porch reveal day , I don’t want to give to much away today as on Friday we are all showing you our porch reveals!! Yay!! I will be showing you the whole outside of the house decorated for Christmas!

I do hope you like this tutorial. Don’t forget to hop over to Terries and Tammy’s blogs to see what they have done!

Thanks for dropping by and Stay safe and stay blessed all!

Teresa xoxo!!

2 thoughts on “Out Door Christmas Wreath 2022

  1. Teresa your wreath is amazing. I used to have a large store bought wreath years ago. Now you have inspired me to make another one. Beautiful! Can’t wait to see the rest on Friday!


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