Today in the series decorate with with us for Christmas we are doing our master bedrooms

Right at the end of my post I’ll share the links to other two girls I’ve teamed up with. Terrie from And Tammy from https://patina and

The first thing I started to do in the bedroom was put up the tree then I added the lights and then all the decorations.

Keeping the tree simple in this room!

I added a garland to my bed head and then added lights .

I placed my chair near my tree and the little table I had I decorated it simply.

I added lights just for that extra coziness at night
This is a little table that I revamped a short while ago!

I added a small nativity set and some sprigs and garland to my dressing table. Below!

I added some cushions to the bed ..

I added a simple throw and bed tray to the end of my bed

And I added simple pine tree and angel to the nightstands

As you can see I kept it simple as possible in this room . I didn’t go over board as I usually do..

So here is the room simply decorated for Christmas!!

I hope you got a little inspiration out of this room decorating post and make sure you jump over and check out Terrie and Tammy’s room below! They are amazing.

Thanks for stopping by all, for now stay safe and see you all next time!

Teresa!! XoXo

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