Today on Decorate with us for Christmas we are doing a coffee table and side tables.

I only have a coffee table and a little fold up table that’s not much of a side table to be honest! It’s really a sad case but let’s see what I can do with it anyhow ummm!!

I’ll be joining

Terrie from Tammy from and Corine from Make sure to click on their links below so it will take you to their blogs to see how they are styling their tables!

Mine is going to be the traditional reds and golds . Most of the other rooms are whites blues just simple but in this room I’m going all out with the reds and want it to be a classy tradition Christmas!

Here is how I started off

I started with books that I usually keep on the table!
I added a candle on a red plate and it had berries on it..
I added a wooden bowl and placed acorns vintage cowbells and a candle
I placed a candle holder that had greenery and berries on it!
Behind the berry display a added a reign set , I’ve had this for so long
I added a gold Christmas tree behind it .. I haven’t used this display in many .. It’s a wonder it’s still useable!
I placed Gold glass tree behind the candles

That completes the coffee table so we can move on and decorate my side table , I mean fold up table .. It’s purely for decorative purposes 😊

The first thing I did was place a riser and a faux pine tree
I added a faux pine tree
I added a wise man ornament that I picked up many years ago thrifting
I added some pine cones .. You can’t notice the glitter on them The first thing I did was place a riser and a faux pine tree
This is a candle holder , I just added a faux pointers plant.
This is the completed side/ fold up table
I decided to add the wooden Santa I thought he looked cute there

So all thanks so much for dropping by and I hope you got a little inspiration from my table decor..

Until next to time , stay safe and stay blessed!!!

Teresa xoxo!