We are already on our guest bedrooms in our decorate with us for Christmas series . It’s already day 12 and I’m feeling the crunch now to get all the inside of my house ready for Christmas and then I need to start on the outside before December 1st

But before I think about the outside let me just say “woh the horses” and pull back on the rains and concentrate on todays reveal!

I’d like to begin with a big shout out to our host Terrie for once again planning and putting this series together.

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To start the Christmas decor I decided to start at the bed head.. I don’t know why I do this but it seems to work for me!!
Then I put the three wreaths up . I started in centre in the middle of the wall above the headboard. Then I put the two window wreaths up .. All wreaths matched each other.
I moved onto decorating the two bedside tables. Below is the left hand side of the room nightstand
I put the peace on earth sign up. I have this sign around 17 years now and each year I use it in my living are . This year I decided to use it in one of my bedrooms!
I put the wreath and springs on the mirror.
I then left the dressing table till last.
I took this decorated tray from our bedroom and added sone Christmas pine sprigs
I added a Christmas candle
Added a sleigh that I had
I added sone white faux plants
I also added some pine sprigs and greenery with white berries!
The house is newly built and I had to sell and get rid of lots of stuff while waiting on the build to be completed so I still haven’t found the right cushions to go with the bed so I’m using the ones that I purchased for my own bed . I think they look good in this room for now … I always try to wait until the sales to buy Christmas items unless they are spectacular then I’ll purchase them at full price .. I just can’t justify paying lots of money when we only get to use them once a year!!
Here is the room finished

So all thanks for dropping by and checking out my finished for Christmas guest bedroom . I hope you all liked it and I hope it’s inspired you to do your bedroom too .

Dong forget to check out my friends below to see how they decorated their guests bedrooms.

Until next time God Bless and stay safe.

Teresa xoxo!



2 thoughts on “A Christmas Guest Bedroom

  1. It’s one lucky guest that gets to stay in your guest room! How beautiful! I love so many things about this room – from the neutrals to the greenery to the lit headboard. Wonderful job! I can’t wait to see what you are doing in the rest of your house!


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