Hi all , welcome to another day in our Christmas Serious decorate with us where today we are doing our laundry .. My laundry is still under construction but I thought I’d show you anyways! I don’t have much going on in it right now!

I’m teaming up with our host Terrie from decorateandmorewithtip.com. Tammy patinaandpaint.com. and Corine from Junk to gems. I’ll put all their links at the bottom of my post..

Here is a before pic below!!

Here’s the before pictures

I started with a wreath and then it escalated from there , just simple nothing special!!

My husband is a lover of polo bears at Christmas and as much as I love polo bears I also love penguins .. I love the story of penguins and how they migrate through the cold snow .. I’ve never seen a faux penguin in a shop before so I grabbed it and it was the only one!
A few Christmas books
Just a few penguin shots!
I can’t help but put a nativity set out at Christmas. I usually put out more than one to be honest and I have a few different styles.
I’ve had this joy to the world sign for years and years now!!
I love me a realistic looking faux pine plant…
I just adore anything trucks and trees , Sooo Christnassy
I just added a simple wreath to the door . We are waiting on our blind!!
Love this scene

So all , I don’t have much going on at the moment and to be honest, I didn’t think I was going to decorate the laundry but how and ever something is better than nothing when it comes to Christmas decorating!!

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God Bless and see you all next time!





3 thoughts on “Christmas Laundry Room Decor

  1. Teresa your laundry room had me at Penguin! Love everything you put in there but for me that penguin made the room. Beautiful laundry room and I love that linen closet off of it – which is a fantastic idea!


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