Welcome back to $10 on the 10th. I’ve teamed up with our host Tammy from patinaandpaint.com and also some other inspired bloggers. Today we share our diy projects for $10 or under. I’ve added all their links are at the bottom of my post .. Be sure to check them out…

Everything we do today is budget friendly. It will help to have some stuff in your stash. I usually keep everything from bits of ribbons paints glues etc sometimes things come in handy.

Today I’m going to do something simple.. I have a container of beads, like forever now .. I really need to put them to some kind of use so I’m going to make some Christmas decorations with them.

List of items you will need.

  • Beads
  • Ribbons
  • String /twine
  • Needle ( sewing)
  • Glue gun or glue
  • Sissors
  • Faux pine cones and greenery ribbons or what ever you have on hand

If you don’t have the faux pine cones or greenery don’t worry you can just use ribbon , I added pine cones and greenery just so you get the idea of how you can use other stuff to glam it up .. I’ll be making lots more and I’ll just be using ribbon .

Here are some of the items that I’ll be using


First I gathered a few different sizes of beads

I began to thread them through starting with the smallest to the biggest then working back down the cord to the smallest
Now that I have my beads evenly threaded I move on to the next part below!!
I start at the second last bead and work my cord through
When I get to the end I cut it and tie it off
I made 5 and they even look good like this!!
I cut some ribbon , made a bow and cut a straight piece so I could use as a loop to hang it
I used a hot glue gun to join my ribbon loop to my bow you can use normal glue or what ever you have on hand
I then added the bow to the beads
I cut a piece of gold ribbon cut it into strips I also made a bow and attached it all to the beads using my hot glue gun! ( see below)
See below for all the different one’s I made … I made 5 
Here are all the bead decorations together
And I simply placed them on this tree!

So all , everything you see here I already had in my stash! Sometimes you just need use what you already have and the kiddos can have fun join in too!!

Don’t forget to hop on over to my other friends blogs below and see how they will inspire you with their under $10 Christmas diy. Don’t forget to give them a thumbs up!

God Bless till next time


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7 thoughts on “Christmas Bead Decoration

  1. These are so pretty! Very farmhouse elegant. My son’s been wanting to do a Christmas project with me that he can use to decorate his room, and think this would be easy for us to work on together without me having to take over every few minutes. Pinned!

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  2. Teresa I love how many different ways you decorated these ornaments. I can just see a tree full of these. So pretty!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing.. now I need to go grab some of my beads and make a few of these. Love them!

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