Welcome back everyone and welcome to another day in the decorate with us for Christmas series. Whoot Whoot!!

Christmas 2022 has almost arrived and it feels like I just finished saying ‘Christmas 2021’.. I’m in awe how fast this year has went by ..

I’m teaming up with our host Terrie from decorateandmorewithtip.com. Tammy from paintinaandpaint.com. and Corine from Junk to gems FB page https://www.facebook.com/JunkToGems.

I will post the links to the other girls blogs at the end of my post. So be sure to hop on over to get some inspiration from how they have styled their bathroom areas!

So as you know that we are decorating our bathrooms powder rooms or quest bathrooms. I’m doing my main bathroom which is actually my quest bathroom too!

Here’s how I begin my decorating >> blank canvas .. I usually take a photo so I removed how I had everything previously and then I put it all in a box until after Christmas..

Blank Canvas
The very first thing I did was hang a garland over the mirror. The reason I started here is because I have a few matching pieces that go with the garland, I have sprigs wreaths and more garland!
Second, I placed a grey/blue French provincial jug that I had in my own en-suite and filled it with some white Christmas floras that matched the garland over the mirror .. I have a few of these , I also have matching garland and wreaths!
I moved onto the other side and placed a Christmas tree (aluminium) hand wash and hand lotion
I moved onto the hand towels and tied a star decoration on the top towel ( I always. Layer my towels)
I hung this cute word picture over the towel rail
I put a faux berry plant bells an a bell candle on the bath tray
I’m in love with this bell candle
I decorated a little table that I usually place my
wine in when I’m bathing! (Tee hee) my hubby doesn’t know about my pamper time (shhh)
I thought it would look nice to hang a similar decoration on the matching bath towel placed on the bath .. I used a pin to hold it on!
I hung two wreaths on each side of the windows
I then decided to hang the garland across the top of the window
I added this wreath and it match red all tbd other faux decor
I placed a little sign and a faux plant to the toilet lid!

Below is the finished Bathroom..

Daytime shot.
Night time shot.

I love these angel wings I added here
I love the pine cones , especially the colour!

Well this is the end of the bathroom Christmas decorating ummm!! Maybe not! as I do have a habit of switching things around once the whole house is decorated!!

So all! thank you for dropping by and I do hope you get to take or some sort of little idea or inspiration that you can add to your home!

God Bless

Teresa xoxo




2 thoughts on “Bathroom Christmas Decor 2022

  1. Such a beautiful bathroom all dressed up for Christmas. Enjoy your Christmas bathroom Teresa, I am taking your ideas for the bath tub tray, I wasn’t for sure what to put on mine. Thank you!


  2. Your bathroom is gorgeous to start with, but then you add in your Christmas decor and it’s like a high end Christmas spa. So beautiful. I love how you decorate down to the smallest detail. Everywhere you look there is something beautiful! And I am determined to find one of those bell candles. IN LOVE! Thanks so much for sharing!


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