Hello again friends!

Hard to believe it’s Christmas decorating season again…

I’ve teamed up again with the girls , Terrie Tammy and Corine to take part in the Christmas decorating series. I’m jumping in at day 3 because I had a huge house party , lots of quests and I still have a lot of fall decor around the house.

Once again a huge thanks goes to Terrie from decorate with tip and more for hosting this series and putting it all together!!

I’ve never decorated any part of my house for Christmas this early before. But I wanted to take this time to show you how I’m decorating so you can grab some idea’s and will give you time to get out and get some stuff before Christmas is upon you..

So my hutch is going to be more on the vintage style!

So I started off by getting my Garland out .. I couldn’t find the one that I actually wanted to use as I’ve sooo much stuff , it’s unbelievable! But I must say that everything I own I love it all!!

Here is my Garland!
I have 4 of these and usually I drape them across my window!
The pine cones and little white mistletoe or what ever they are , are naturally blended into the garland
I love that they have different elements to them!!

The next thing I usually do is spread out the lights. I fold them in half to get the middle point then I Centre them in the middle of the garland . ( Little tip) get a ribbon or string and find the middle of your garland place and tie your string so it’s unnoticeable and then each year you won’t have to measure or bend it in half to get the centre point! Easy peasy!!!

Just finding my centre point
I then do same with the lights. Fold them in half and join the Centre of the lights with the centre of the garland!

I evenly spread the lights across the garland by weaving them in and out

I make sure that I put the plug at the right end of the garland so it’s easy to plug into the socket
I place the garland to the way I want it and then start to trim it with my favourite Christmas decor.

These are some of the items I’m using to trim the garland!

A bunch of sprigs
Ocean blue baubles
I’m using some small dark blue , grey , gold and white mini baubles
These are called gum nuts and cone from a gum nut tree here in Australia. I’ve lightly sprayed them blue gold and silver . And really wanted to leave some of tbd rustic natural looking element of the nuts themselves

Below I have all the trimmings placed

Next step is hang the wreaths on the doors. Below is the wreaths I’m using

I grab a command hook but I hang it upside down and place it on the back of the door. You can measure the door to get an accurate centre part, or just do what I did and eyeballed it..

Don’t place it this way!
Place it this way, upside down so when you place your wreath it can hang in

I then hung the wreaths

Here is the finished product, I hope you like my vintage take on a garland I’m pretty happy with it.

I’m hoping I’ve chosen the right vibe here! I think I have!

So thank you all for stopping by and I hope this post has given you some sort of inspiration.

Stay safe God Bless

Teresa XoXo

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4 thoughts on “Christmas kitchen hutch

  1. Teresa I love the blue and thanks for sharing about the Gum nuts. They look awesome in the garland. I love the tutorial on how to add the lights and THEN fluff them. Great job you hutch is absolutely stunning!

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  2. Your home looks amazing, you will have to give us a tour one day! Your hutch looks amazing as well Teresa. Love how it looks, the garland looks stunning and the wreath finishes the hutch off. I am so happy you shared this with us.

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