Loving me some whites

White white white and even more white!

Can you believe it’s almost Christmas again!!

Noooo! Come on really, already. It’s hard to believe that I’m almost one year in my new house. Last year we moved in just two weeks before Christmas so I only got one tree up! This year I’m planning on putting up six .. Yes you heard that right, six!!!

First off!!!

let me get started by thanking our host Terrie from decorate and more with tip! Who once again is hosting our series in Christmas decorating room by room..

I will be a little late to the party this year as I can’t start decorating until the second week in November..

First off , we will kick off this series by letting you in on our colour schemes! Meanwhile Terrie works on and comes up with our week. by week plan , and us other girls just hang around and wait , drinking wine or champagne. We really don’t have to work anything out our host Terrie does all the planning !! Terrie is awesome and is a wonderful host and coordinator. I feel blessed to be jointing in with her and the other girls to share in this years Christmas series.

How exciting is this y’all.. I know that I’m excited!

Here’s a few of my favourite colours that I have planned for Christmas 2022!

White white and more white with some greens and neutrals!

Blues and naturals with sone greys
Rose Golds Whites and Pinks

So all the baubles below where purchased three years ago for a project I have wanting to do for some years!! All where still in their wrappings!

Can you quess what it is I want to do? Ummm!

A HANGING WREATH! Yay and yassss!!!

I’ll be using Greens! I’m thinking that I might just make a hanging wreath 😊 This is something that I’ve never done before! So I’m looking forward to seeing how this project turns out!!

Please note!! Only one bauble got broken in the making of this post!! Soooo sad


I will be also putting up a traditional tree and decorations.

I made this wreath and bells you can watch how I made these bells here! >>> Christmas Bells
You can see how I made this tree for a diy challenge here>>> DIY Dollar Tree Challenge by

So my dear friends I’ll leave all here and as we enter into the Christmas season .. I’ll be taking you all along with me as I do my Christmas decorating!

As always don’t forget to hop on over to my friends below and you can follow them for some great inspiration as they will be sharing their colour schemes too!

Have a great day all and stay tuned each week as we share our homes and ideas with you all!

Teresa! XOXO



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  1. Everything you shared was so beautiful and elegant! I love it alll! I can’t wait to see your new home decorated for the holidays!

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  2. I can’t wait to see your new home come to life this Christmas. All the beautiful decorations you shared will look perfect. Even your broken ornament looks so pretty sitting in the picture. Thanks for sharing Teresa and the sweet comments you gave me. Happy decorating!

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