Hi friends!! Welcome back to one room at a time Master Bedroom refresh.

Today is bed making day, where we finally get to style are beds!

Im joined up with our host Terrie from decorateandmorewithtip.com Tammy from patinaandpaint.com and Corine from https://www.facebook.com/JunkToGems

Friends you may have gathered by now on this series of the master bedroom refresh that the excitement of buying this bedding has got the better of me and the day Is finally here!!

Let me just remind you of the bedding before I change it!

The bedroom before I put the new bedding on it.
It’s not in a bad way and still quite nice I have to say but I just needed it to pop a bit!

I always like to iron my sheets but sometimes I take the lazy option s

Just a different view of the bed!
The first thing I did was stripped the bed and Iwashed all the white linen as I’m still going to use this on the bed!
Getting the bedding out of the wrapping felt like opening up my presents at Christmas! this is the back side of tbd cover so I can reverse it if o wish!
I’ll be using the floral side. This is very reason why I bought this cover in the first place!!
It’s starting to look good!! YAY!!
It’s all coming together just nicely.
I added the white throw on the end of the bed . I left a gap at the end as I really feel that having a little break in the covers adds length to the bed . Especially if your using lots of pillows..
Like I have here!
Once I had the bed linen on, I styled the tray and yes , I took the books and the flowers vase off the nightstand . I always change my mind before the end result.. It’s just a me thing!!
Here is the tray all styled up!!
Daylight photo 🙂
Here is the new look on the nightstand! I actually think it looks better!
I thought I’d give you a shot of the room with just tbd mood of the lamps.

So my friends I hope you like the new look and hope you get some inspiration here!!

So don’t forget that tomorrow is reveal day.. where you get to see the whole room and I have a bit of a surprise in the room for you and to be really honest it took me a few days to decide on wether or not to do it, but you will need to come back tomorrow to see it!!

Please pop on over and see the other three girls who I’ve teamed up with in this bedroom refresh series.. I’ve provided all their links below below!


Don’t forget to come back tomorrow where you get to see the final result of our rooms!



God bless and see you all tomorrow! Teresa! xoxo