Welcome back to one room at a time bedroom refresh

Can you believe that we are already into day four of the bedroom refresh!! Can I just say that I am getting a little bit excited about the finished look of my room..

Just a reminder friends

Jump on over to our host Terrie’s blog at http://www.decorateandmorewithtip.com and Tammy at http://www.patina and paint.com I’ll leave their blog links at the end of my post.. Corine will join us tomorrow when we do our bedding!! Sooo excited for that…

Today we are styling our bedrooms with Items that we purchased crafted or taken from different rooms in our homes.

The first thing I started to style was my dresser of course!! I just couldn’t wait to see this beauty all dressed up!!

But before I start styling the dresser, let me show you some before pictures..

This is the marketplace picture of tbd dresser and mirror

I was so excited about where I was going to place the new book ends and the only realistic place was the dresser as I’ve no shelving in the bedroom. So here they are.

I used my jewellery box instead of books because I needs somewhere to put it, also it looked nice, and also it looked like books!!
I took my candlesticks from my entry way and used them here. They are battery operated.
The over all look of the dresser..
I used the books on my nightstand.
And this is the lamps in this room .. Pretty, I think.

I hope you have found some inspiration and ideas regarding styling! Remover always play around with your items until you are happy with the look..

Don’t forget to check out my friends Terrie and Tammy below!!





Until tomorrow all, God Bless xoxo


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  1. Teresa you did a fabulous job at styling everything. Such pretty items to decorate with. Love all of it!! I still want those lamps! lol!!! Great job. Can’t wait to see your bedding tomorrow.

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