Hi all it’s already Monday and today is day two of the master bedroom refresh.

The girls and I will be picking a wall and using it as a focal point.

So , Terrie from http://www.decorateandmorewithtip.com and Tammy from http://www.patinaandpaint.com will working on doing something with a wall of choice!

This is my wall before I do anything with it!

So what I want to achieve here is a touch of elegance by doing a black French provincial dresser and mirror to match!

I’ll give you a sneak peak of the dresser I’ll be using in the area ..

Unfortunately I wanted to use this mirror on the wall but yesterday it broke !! So I had to come up with something new so here was I’m doing..

I’m still going to use the mirror frame but I’ll diy it

So I decided to paint it black by using a chalk paint.

I give it one coat of black chalk paint and let dry!
I then screw some eye hooks into the back and add some wire so i can hang it so I can hang it
These are what I used.
I take it outside and spray it with two different colours of grey..
I love the two tone effect. It came out more rustic than I expected ( winner )
I put a hook in the Centre of the frame as I want to hang a wreath.
I measured the wall and put a screw in the centre of the wall.
I hung the frame .
I hung the wreath on it.
I measured from the ceilings and the from the outside of the wall so I could line up the nails for the wall sconces!
So both are perfectly lined up
Here is the focal wall!

I’m loving it and hope you all like it too!

Tune in tomorrow where we show the items we purchased and the items we will decorate our furniture with!!

So here are a few pictures of the focal wall!

All I know is I am recalling looking forward to seeing what the girls below have done ..

So don’t forget to jump on over to my friends blogs and see how their focal walls turned out .. I’m sure you will love what they have done!


Terries wall


Tammy’s wall


You can check out Corine on her FB page .. who room is already amazing as it is!!

Stay blessed all

Teresa xoxo

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  1. Oh, Teresa! I am in LOVE with this. It makes me want to go break a mirror somewhere and do this. Not kidding! And It makes me want to redo my focal wall. Great job.

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