Hi friends, we are back again with a one room at a time makeover / refresh

This time we will be working on our bedrooms for the next week.

Each day we will post our before pictures. We will also focus on a focal wall decorate our furniture style our bed etc and on Friday July 29th we will post our reveals.. Videos will be posted on our Facebook pages.

Big thanks to Terrie for hosting and always coming up with a great plan.

So I’ll Be joining up with Terrie from decorateandmorewithtip.com. Tammy from patinaandoaint.com. and Corine from Junk to Gems and you can find Corine on Facebook. I’ll be posting their links at the end of my blog so please skip on over and see what they are up to.

This is my mood board for the room.

My bedroom isn’t fully ready for a full makeover and I have a few plans for this room so for now I’ll be doing a refresh ..

This is a photo of move in day
This is the bedroom a few weeks ago before we got our new bed!! it took so long unpacking etc We put this room off for a while!
I love the new bed and love the look of it .. Already I am visualising the changes I’ll make to this room!!
Can’t wait to see the bed put together!
Hubby putting the new bed together.
I’ll add a chair in the corner and bring in the table .
I did a makeover on this dresser 10 years ago! I actually found it on the side of the street on a New Year’s Eve . So for sentimental reason I’ll keep it .. It will go in my walk-in wardrobe for now.
This is my bedroom as it stands .. Everything is exactly the way I had it in my last house. Yep, I think it’s time to change things up a bit!!
This will be my focal wall .. Maybe a picture gallery or a French provincial dresser I’m working on!
These are the curtains I’ll diy, I can’t seem to find the right colour blend of material to match my bedding so I’ll hang on until the right material comes in store.. eventually I’ll be making them myself.

Ok friends Come back on Monday , I will be sharing the focal wall and what I’m doing with mine!!

Don’t forget to hop over to the girls below and see how they transform their bedrooms.. I’ve added their links.

God bless!





2 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Refresh

  1. Teresa, I am enjoying seeing your new home and how you are styling it. Love how large your master is and how you have it styled now. Can’t wait to see all your touches in the refresh. Going to be so pretty!


  2. Teresa your bedroom is already pretty, but I have a feeling that it’s going to be beautiful! I moved my furniture into my new bedroom just like I did my old bedroom too! It’s funny how that works. At least you are getting yours done way before I’m getting mine together! 3 years going on 4 may be the record! ha!


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