This month our host Terrie from came up with the idea of duping a high end item! YAY!!

At the end of my post I will leave the links to all the other girls who I’ve teamed up with and are participating in this challenge so be sure to hop on over to their blog pages to see what they have done and I’m sure you are bound to get lots of inspiration !!

Below is what I’m going to Dupe!

This one is $725.99 Nooo way was I ever going to pay that!

My dupe is a faux indoor magnolia tree! I have been wanting to do a faux plant for ages and when I picked up the magnolia stem at TK Maxx for $20 each . I knew that I was going to love this challenge so much!

What I needed for my project!

  • Magnolia Stems x 2
  • Pot (Black is what I used)
  • White Paint (any type except gloss)
  • Poly styrofoam
  • Knife ( to cut styrofoam)
  • Wire
  • Wire cutters
  • spagnum moss

Let’s get started!

I had everything I needed already except for the magnolia stems so basically the whole dupe costed only $40 out of pocket!

I grabbed my old plant pot from the garden and gave it a good wash and hose down so it was clean enough to apply the paint..

I used the largest pot!
A quick hose wash!

Then I used some white paint .. Any paint will do once it’s a latex or water based paint .. You don’t want gloss as you will need to be able to smear and wipe it so it has an aged look. To be honest I didn’t have to wipe off much I just kept wetting the paint brush to make the paint more watery.

I painted the inside top of the plant pot so it would give the illusion of been painted all the way down through the pot.

After the paint dried I cut the styrofoam into pieces so it would fit into the plant pot.

Next step was putting the two stems into the plant pot and then filling around it with more broken pieces of styrofoam.. I pressed firmly wedging the styrofoam in tightly..

Next thing I did was secure the stems with wire. I messed around with the stems until the stems lined up and looked good I secured it with the wire in a few places.

When I was certain I like it I snipped of the wire so it couldn’t be seen

I used a natural sphagnum colour moss as I wanted the natural look to suit the room.. I placed as much sphagnum moss as I could fit around the bottom of the pot to hide all the styrofoam.

I then lightly and gently pulled the stem branches and flowers out a bit so it looked fuller.

I lightly moved and pulled around the flowers and branches on the on the stems to make it look fuller

So here is my magnolia pot plant dupe. I placed it around the house in a few different areas to see where I wanted it it to be placed and decided I’d keep it for now in my entry way ! Here in Australia faux pot plants are not cheap!!

So if you really love something don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. You can pick up the items pretty cheap and most of the other things needed are most likely hanging out in your house somewhere!

You may just surprise yourself with what your capable of achieving!

I hope you have found some tips and inspiration here.

Be sure and check out the other girlos below and see their amazing dupes too!

Be blessed all Teresa!

9 thoughts on “High End Dupe DIY Challenge

  1. Wow, Teresa! Your dupe looks so much better than your inspiration – it’s quite stylish and gorgeous with the thicker stems and full bloom magnolias! What a fabulous re-creation!

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  2. Teresa your Magnolia tree is beautiful! It’s not only pretty, but your tutorial made it seem like something I could do. Great job!! Thanks so much for sharing. OH! I LOVE your shirt….

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    1. Ah thanks Tammy! Thanks for your kind words I tried to keep my dupe simple 😊
      Believe it or not I was just about to throw that shirt out as I never wear and thought I’d wear it at least once before it goes to the second hand shop .. Looks like I’ll be keeping it now , thanks for the compliment 😊😊😊


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