Finally made it to week four of the half bath one room at a time makeover challenge! How exciting!! One more room off the list!! To be honest , if I hadn’t have been asked to join along in the one room at time makeover , this half bath would have been left till next year!! It was nice and tidy as it was but not as stylish as it is now! Thank you to Terrie and Tammy for inviting me to join in this makeover challenge!

My team buddies are Terrie from decorate and more with tip and Tammy from Patina and paint

If you have been following each week you can recap by clicking the links below

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  • Last week I added wallpaper.
  • Sanded and prepped the wall for paint.
  • Prepped and trimed wallpaper to get ready for the chair rail.

This week I added chair rail trim and painted the bottom half of the wall and decorated!

I usually keep to whites but I decided to change it up and paint it in an off white light grey tone!

Let’s get this week started

First thing I did was measure the length of each wall.

I had my hubby set up his chop saw for me , so I could do the cuts on the chair rail trim.

Please don’t judge our garden , it’s under construction 😊

After I cut it to size I took it back inside and put adhesive on the back.

Then I attached it to the wall.

I then used my hubbies nail gun for extra security. For this part I also used a level so I could keep it straight while nailing it, once the glue goes on it will have a tendency to slip. The spirit level assures that you don’t let it slide and believe me, I let it slide , even with the level. You really have to multi task here and if I can do it so can anyone else!

I’ve never done a trim angle like this before so I did call hubby into rescue me. Once it got filled sanded and painted , you couldn’t notice the gaps.
We were going to take these tiles back down but it got a bit expensive and we really need that money to be put into other areas of the house and garden plus the time it would take would be a little bit time consuming and time is precious.
I gap filled everything that needed filling like all those little nail heads etc
All gap filled now. It looks messy but once it’s sanded and painted , it will be good!
Time for sanding .. I used a fine grit and used gentle pressure
Taped up and ready for paint
I also taped the underneath so paint wouldn’t get on the chair rail / moulding
I did a white semi gloss on the trim.
Taped up and painted
I decided to take away the toilet roll holder and put it on the other side, so I had to fill these holes..
Here’s we’re I added the toilet roll holder , looks better here!
Here a little tip for your quests. Fold the edges of the toilet roll and press it firmly under the tap spout and it will leave an imprint!!
It’s a cool little feature for your toilet roll
I thought I’d show you this photo so you can see the difference in colour .. My wall was originally white . I chose the colour Frozen Waterfall. The photo doesn’t do the colour justice , It’s so hard to see the true colour here , Our powder room is in the Center of the house and has no natural light.. At first I thought there was no difference in the paint colour but once it dried it was ok. Plus it matched the grey tone in the wallpaper! Bonus!!
Here is the paint work all finished , so it’s time to decorate , my favourite part!!!
I hung this picture here as I wanted a little gold and silver combo
I hung a mirror and matching sconces that I had for many many years and added a white vase with gold stems
I added 3 pictures to the side wall but the mirror reflection makes it look like there are 5 pictures 😊
Decorating the vanity
I added these gold candies holders and silver tray
I hung the pictures and styled the powder room. This is the finished project

Here is just a reminder of the start of the project

I hope you got a little bit of inspiration and it will motivate you to do a job that you have been putting off for a long time. Once I begin to visualise the finished project I think that it motivates me to move quickly on a project .. I usually keep putting things off but once I get going I’m on a mission!

Well friends as usual please jump on over to my other two friends blogs Terrie from and Tammy from Patinaandpsint.Com and you will get to see their half bath reveals.. To make it easy I’ve provided their links below. So you can go straight to their half bath makeovers.

Till next time stay blessed all!


Terries makeover!

Tammy’s makeover!

4 thoughts on “Half Bath Makeover Reveal week 4

  1. Teresa your half bath is so glamorous! Truly beautiful. Your choices of materials for the room are spot on. That wallpaper is gorgeous. I love everything about this room. Who wouldn’t want to spend a little time in here? Also, I love the toilet 3 sign!!!! I need something like that in mine. Definitely going to have to look for one. Thanks so much for sharing.

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    1. Aww thank you so much Tammy , your so sweet and kind and you have made my day!! I picked up that little sign for 3 bucks down from 12 bucks 😊
      Your bathroom is so beautiful too . I loved everything about joking in this challenge .. It was wonderful watching your bathroom transform into a beautiful room! Thank for your kind words 😊


  2. All I can say is WOW! How beautiful!! All your hard work and decorations paid off, Teresa your bathroom turned out just beautiful. Love it. I also love how you shared how to add trim to the walls. Not a lot of people would add glue as well as nailing it.

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    1. Thank you so much Terrie. I’m so glad you liked it. I absolutely loved your bathroom , everything you did was amazing! Thank you for adding me into this challenge!! 😊


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