Welcome back to One Room at a Time Half Bath makeover

If this is your first time here , no problem I can give you a quick recap on what we are doing.

I joined up with Terrie from Decorate and more with tip and Pammy from Patina and Paint.. The four week makeover is a Half bath makeover . I jumped in at week two and played catch up.. You can check it out here https:/throughavintagedoor.com/powder-room-makeover-one-room-at-a-time-Friday/


  • Installed cabinets
  • Installed tiles
  • Installed sink and toilet
  • Installed pendent light
  • Installed mirror
  • Added a towel holder
  • Added a toilet roll holder

This week I hung the wallpaper.

I’ll walk you through what I do when hanging wall paper. first I measure the wall and eyeball the height that I wanted the papers length at , in this case I’m only doing half as I want to do wainscoting on the bottom half of the room so I’m only wallpapering the top!

I use a level to mark out all the walls so I can get my measurement from top to bottom . I cut my paper at 57’ so it will be longer than where I’ll be adding the wainscoting , this gives me room to play with .
The very first piece of wallpaper I start with is in the center of the mirror as this is the main focal point when you enter the room. Then I work my way on either side I find it just works out better to start from the centre of the wall plus it looks even if you have a pattern.
I measure the length I need and cut it about 2’ more , leaving an inch at the top and bottom to be cut
I paste it ..Always read the paste instructions for your wallpapers as some you just need to wet the wall , some you need to paste and some you need to just paste the wall .. This paper needed walls only pasted but I didn’t follow this rule as the last room I did dried to fast , so I pasted the paper also.
I leave it for about 5 minutes or more so the paste can absorb well into the paper . I always fold mine so it prevents it from drying out to fast.
Always join the edges together very closely so the patern matches.
As you can see in the close up , you can’t notice a join . Just take your time till you get it right and before you know it , you will get the hang of it , like a pro 😉
I always use a white cloth to rub the edges together, if you use a coloured cloth you might get dye on the paper , especially at the edges where the paste oozes out and the paper is wetter! Some people use plastic tools like a scraper and some use paper rollovers . I just use a cloth , I find it easy enough using the cloth method!
I started to go anti clockwise till I got to the back of the door and then went to the other side and worked my way right around.

Just a quick tip .. When I get the join just right , I start brushing out the air bubble from the middle of the paper and work outwards and upwards , then I work on brushing outwards at the end .. The paste makes the paper slippery so it’s easy to move around and get it in place at the joins.

I hope this tutorial helped you get a bit of an idea of how to hang wallpaper.

Stay tuned for the reveal week.

Stay tuned for week 4 of the half bath makeover! This will be the final week and you will get to see the final reveal. Next week I will be doing the wainscoting and decorating!!

If you have been following each week , Hop on over to my two friends Terrie and Pammy and see where they are up to on their half bath makeovers.. I have provided their links below.



Stay Blessed all and have a great week!


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  1. Oh, Teresa! This is just the most beautiful room. I can’t imagine what you could do for next week that would make this room any prettier. Great job. Thank you so much for sharing!


  2. Your wallpaper is beautiful and made a great deal of a difference in the room. Thanks for the tutorial, I remember doing the folding myself. I can’t wait until the reveal day to see how your bathroom looks.

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