TV Console Makeover!

In the raw

I found this piece on Market place and immediately fell in love with it.. I was scrolling through my phone at 6:30 am and by 2 pm it was in the back of my truck going home with me. I knew exactly where it was going (temporarily ) and what I was going to do with it.

This project had me a little tiny bit reluctant in its makeover.

Why is that you may ask , well you see I’m a white girl and love white furniture and can say with my hand on my heart that I’m not a dark furniture girl at all!! But with this makeover I just had to do something completely different..

In our new build I promised my hubby that he could have some say in decorating the media/ cinema room .. So I had to try do something that was not so girly but yet have a classy look while still having some masculinity to it..

Let’s get started

So the first thing I did was , get my sanders out and completely sand the top and get it ready for stain and waxing.. I find that doing this has a great durability and makes the piece look so much classier and richer ( in my opinion) But this time I decide to paint strip it first ( just the top only) and this made life so much easier 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 happy dance!! So I seen this technique used on YouTube and thought umm!! I’m gonna give that a try.

Here it goes!

  • Put your paint stripper on
  • Then put cling wrap on it
  • Wait for the recommended time on the tin..
  • Then , while the cling wrap is still on use your scraper to strip the varnish/ paint off
  • Don’t do what I did and do the entire piece at once , do it in sections maybe half and half as it dries fast..
See how easy it came off

Then I got my belt sander ( sorry not shown in the pictures ) Then I used my orbital sander with a medium grit and then I used a finer grit for the final sand.

Next Step

I filled any holes , which to my surprise , had very few! Then lightly sanded the areas I filled..

Moving on 💃🏻

Something I’ve never done before is spray paint yay!! So much easier when your dealing with shelves etc .. I taped up the top of the tv console where I had sanded and also taped up the glass on the two doors and started to spray. I did leave the handles on as I intended to keep them. But , at the end of the project I decided to change them out for something more timely looking on the piece .

I just sprayed in strokes across the piece

The doors had a metal insert behind the glass ( hated the colour) so I took those out and sprayed them also.

I then peeled off the paper from the top

How beautiful does it look.

I actually debated with myself wether to white wash the top or give it a bleached look so after stepping away for an hr or so I decided to keep the top dark. After all this I’d fit my hubby and not me.

So out comes the Java gel

I gave it about two or three coats . Just randomly all over the top until I liked the look .. Always apply it in the same direction as the grain.

This is the first coat
Second coat

These are the door handles I decided to use (awesome)

And the finished product

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and gives you inspiration.. This piece was my ugly duckling piece .. What might look ugly can turn into something beautiful if you give it a go!!

Be blessed all!!


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