I’ve joined up three other blogging buddies to do a diy challenge which is hosted by Terrie !!


This months diy challenge is going to be a diy home improvement or can be anything that will spruce up your home inside or out!! I chose to do a room spruce up!!

My challenge is my media /movie room!

Just so you all know , even though this house is a new build there are lots of things we are doing ourselves!

Basically in a nutshell, the media room or movie room as some call it, is actually one of the last rooms on our agenda to style. It actually become a dumping ground and we just couldn’t use it , so when our host Terrie from decorateandmorewithtip.com came up with the challenge , I just couldn’t say no and decided to join in.

Here are some before pictures of the room

Pretty pretty messy

All that knows me knows that I’m not into colours too much , I love everything white and nuetral.. but in our new build I promised my hubby that he could have some say in decorating the media/ cinema room .. So I had to try do something that was not so girly but yet have a classy look while still having some masculinity in it..

The first thing I did was add curtains.. especially for privacy !! Our ceiling are 2.6 high and I wanted them to hang high from the ceilings . Being a media room there could be no light seeping through unfortunately they don’t make curtains that high and it would have been thousands to get them custom made. I had two sets so I joined them together and made them longer adding a ribbon at the seem join! I also change out the pleating tape an I also bought material at half price for the black backing!

I added ribbon to the end so the join couldn’t be seen. That inspired me to add a black sheer curtain to the back ( which I made myself )
My hubby hung the double rail from the ceilings. This also allowed no light to enter into the room if we were watching movies during the day..

The room had no where to put our new 86” TV and our solos system.. So the second thing I had to do was buy a tv console table so that’s the very first thing I started with started with was make over on this tv console that I picked up last week on market place. You can click the link here https/throughavintagedoor.com/tv-console- https://throughavintagedoor.com/?p=2492 to see how I did the makeover on this.

This is a before photo of the console!

Now that I had curtains and a tv console table I could move on and decorate! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

So I started rummaging through my garage I and opening up boxes to see what I had. I hung a few pictures and my huge clock that I love.

The sun was shining so photos where hard to catch .. But this room is a movie room so It will need to be dark.

Over all this room has become a lot better than just being a dumping ground.. It’s actually cosy now!!

The corner is basically the only area I let my hubby have.. So I let him put up some of his sports pictures ( you may notice that they are at the back corner of the room lol!! )
I kinda feel a little bit bad considering I promised him he will have total say in how the room will turn out but suppose you just have to use what you got at that moment and he didn’t have much stuff
I also painted my giant vase white , it was to much on the terracotta tone!!
Pulling the curtains to get the effect.

This is not the style I had planned out for the room , but however , it’s now functional and looks so much better than a dumping room. So for a temporary fix to an unwelcoming room I’m thinking this looks pretty cosy!!

I hope you enjoyed my quick room makeover. Don’t forget to check out the links below to get some more inspiration from my blogging friends.

Stay blessed all!!


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5 thoughts on “Media Room Makeover

  1. Teresa you master the look for you and your hubby. Love how you created the curtians, they look amazing and do look custom made. Great job! I love all the decor you placed in the room, looks so warm and cozy. The console looks great with the new color. Love it all!


    1. Thanks so much Terrie , finally somewhere to relax and put my feet up 😊


  2. Teresa your movie room looks so cozy and inviting! Who wouldn’t enjoy watching a movie here? Great job!! Thanks so much for sharing!


    1. Thanks Tammy , I have to say that I just can’t leave this room now , glad k took part in the challenge of it would have been still a junk room..


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