Hi friends, for a long time now I’ve been wanting to post a home tour of the before and after pics of our recent renovation and now is the perfect time , why? Because I’ve been asked to join in with some of my blogging buddies as they bring us through their homes to see their before and after photos too . Big shout out goes to Tara from Stilettos and Shiplap and Emily from Le Cultivateur for hosting and getting us all together to present our home tours . This has been a long time coming and has literally kicked my butt into action and get my act together.. Since we fully renovated this house, it is now sold , yay!! I’ve started off below with the Before and the After Shots.

You can see how ugly it was
This is the final look of house , the day we put it up for sale

Lounge Room! Let’s move onto the sitting room or as some may call it the lounge room! J actually call it my living room !! I just adore relaxing in my lounge room in this house, it’s one of my favourite places to be. Check out the before and after photos here!!

This is what it looked like on viewing day
This is the lounge the day we moved in and in my mind those two arches were gone and the wall behind the TV unit was pushed back, the door was going to be blocked up and that window would become a patio door. That’s exactly what my plan was.

Check out below for the after result!! Totally different!

You can see on tbd right side of the room, the arch has completely gone
Here is a better picture of we’re the arch used to be. Much much better
And this is the result , not bad if I do say so myself! See the patio door has been replaced where that old window was.

Kitchen Time! Who doesn’t love a new kitchen makeover, can I just say “everyone” we all love a kitchen makeover don’t we.. This kitchen has actually went through two transformations which I will blog about in another post.. One transformation was temporary but yet I had a soft spot for what did do..

Smallest kitchen area in the world
Smallest entry way in the world, yes I did say entryway!
Smallest dining area in the world

Now check below for the after photos! YAY!! One of my favs

This is the Kitchen after we completed the renovation .. you can just barely see the dining area in the background.
This is the only caption of the dining and entry way I have at the moment

Pantry/laundry Makeover!! Whoo whoot! This tiny house had no pantry in it and anyone who knows me , knows I need my pantry.. Even when I was on the hunt for a new house before I considered building, even the estate agents would see me walk through the door whilst nodding their heads and saying in the one breath “ T, this house is not for you , no pantry” I’d been looking for the right house for so long and at this stage all the estate agents new me so well at this stage but there was nothing meeting my needs, not a single house out of the 100’s we viewed … Hence the reason I’m just about to start a build designed solely by myself… Even though I’m building a whole bed home , I just loved my pantry … Here are some of the before and after of my pantry/ laundry. This was one of my favourite transformations…

This was what we bought. Not sighting at all !! Some would just run and view the next house, but na , not me , I like a challenge to much!! So we got to lifting all those tiles put in new walls etc and it was worth it
Here we put up a few shelves for storage we also blocked up the door that you can see, there was also a door on the opposite end to this which we also blocked up and then punched a door way in through the Centre from the kitchen so we had an entry way in.
The door was blocked up and we made these shelves
I’m pretty happy with this and you would never have known there was ever a door there. I chose subway tiles , why? Because I love subway tiles
We also blocked up the other entry door and put up all these shelves. I’m taking g this photo from the new entry way into the pantry / laundry. Can you see the wallpaper on the wall to the right just behind the shelves? That was a roll I had left over from a project I did.. I don’t waste of throw away anything! I always find a purpose lol!
And this entry way into the pantry , is where the old stove was.
Hubby came hone from work and there was a massive whole in the wall , which is now a door. Yep that’s what I do and I can’t help myself!
A little bit of styling ( At Christmas )

Bathroom before and after.

Oh boy , talk about a challenge!!! Yep here it is. So this bathroom/ toilet was two seperate rooms and both where tiny , tiny spaces.. So what did I do, smash down the wall and made it bigger of course , just as one does…

Umm! Very very glamorous, I think NOT!!
You can see here how we knocked down the wall from the toilet and bathroom to make it one big room!! Love it! Oh and of course, does tiles >>> Gonzo . Say no more…
Well I must say that I just love this bathroom! My next one will look very similar!

Guest Bedroom!! We took out the wardrobes and used that space to make the lounge room bigger.. I needed to fit my big Christmas tree in my lounge lol!! Who does that?? Apparently ME 🙋🏻‍♀️

This photo is when we took out those wardrobes and made our lounge bigger.. So glad we did that..
Done and dusted!

Bedroom number two!! The smallest of the three bedrooms. As small as it was turned out to be my favourite bedroom!! This is the room that I blogged a lot about on Instagram!!

We added bead board and everything got painted white
Most after photos of this room are decorated for tbd seasons and I don’t want to put them here.. I will be adding them to my seasonal decor later on..

Master Bedroom! Last but not least, my little haven .. Oh did I have a love hate relationship with this room but in the end I did grow to love this tiny tiny master bedroom… I never got to finish it the way I truly wanted it. But it was time to move on and enough money had been spent on this house already!

Yep! My room used to look like the above. Who would ever have believe it..

Sold! So guys I hope you all liked my home tour.. I will be doing a more detailed blog on each individual room.. I will also be blogging about the new build as soon as they start.. So for now goodbye old house you served us well while we lived there.

Goodbye old house you served us well while we lived there.

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