Hello everyone my thrift store find for July has brought me great excitement!!

I’m just loving teaming up with some of my awesome and talented blogging friends!! And once again our beautiful host Terrie @decorateandmorewithtip has set the challenge again with an item of our choice but must be within a reasonable budget!! We where allowed use a thrift store marketplace or a garage sale.. I used marketplace!

If I told you that all I spent on this challenge was a whopping 10 bucks would you believe it? Because I just couldn’t believe I found this table for only $10 … Oh and by the way it had four chairs!! I didn’t like the chairs so I just used 4 chairs that I had in my storage!!

Y’all know I’m doing a renovation job and this Reno is only a tiny house.. We were renting for seven years , wow where does the time go , hey?

Anyhow in our last house we had two dining tables and two lounges etc I won’t bore you all with the details , but during the the move my beautiful table top got damaged and my other dining room set was way too big to keep using and I was a little worried it would get damaged during the renovations, so I sold it!!

I was thinking about making a table top as I already had the pedastal left but then this little table came up and I thought yay!! For 10 bucks , that will do me for now!!

So as you can see below it wasn’t a very pretty sight but I recon I could make it work with a little TLC 🙂

I’ll be honest it actually looked better in the photo add than it did in person, but I bought it anyhow as I just needed a quick fix for when the kiddos come and stay!

So I got to sanding the top with my belt sander and orbital sander , I made sure to use a fine grit as I didn’t want to sand it too much! I then finished off with a fine grit by hand!

I then used two coats of rustoleum java gel to stain it. You can see that the first coat has darkened it a lot but not as dark as I wanted.. I wanted to get the tone as close as possible to match all my other wood decor! By the way peeps, java gel by Rustoleum is only supped to be used over chalk paint but I’ve always been a girl to break the rules and my moto is if it works then it works!!! 🙂

when it dried I then used three coats of Annie Sloan dark wax! I’m kinda sorry that I didn’t use the rustoleum top coat rather than the Annie Sloan dark wax.

Using the Annie Sloan wax didn’t really hold up to the wear and tear, and that was just after only one day but it still looks great, I’m just fussy and notice everything, I’m pretty sure no one else would notice the little marks but I do , so I’m recommending that you use the rustoleum top instead!!!

So I painted the pedastal with rustoleum in the colour white .. I just love this product !!! I used three coats only because I wanted a full coverage .. Please note that I did sand in between each coat lightly with a fine grit sandpaper and then when it had fully dried I put one coat of Rustoleum top coat for protection!

I took out for of my chairs from storage that I previously purchased on market place two years ago .. Yep that’s right two years ago, I can’t believe that next month I’m into two years of renovations phew!!! When I purchased the chairs and table ( the one that the top got destroyed during the move) I also purchased some material to recover the chairs.. Oh! And yes that material was also purchased two years ago and also at clearance!! 🙂 I will have to recover them at a later day as time was not on my side to get them covered for this challenge…

I have to say guys that this months thrift challenge has really got me moving on my chair project which I’ve been putting off for two years , so can you imagine how happy I am right now! During summer we could use our outdoor space for eating but now we are in the middle of our Australian winter so we have been eating off our laps because it’s just way to cold to dine outside!!! The joys of renovation lol!!!

I managed to get my old chairs painted which I used my paint spray gun.. I did three coats as I wanted no streaks (umm!! Unusual for me because I’m a lover of chippy paint) I purchased the cheapest spray gun and the chairs came out silky white … Loving them 🙂 I didn’t care about prepping or using tape to guard the material as I’m recovering them…

So here is my finished table , I’m thinking it turned out pretty good for a $10 find!! How about you?

Don’t forget to drop over to my other blogging buddies and check them out!! All their links are below …They always have something amazing to share!

Have a great day all!!






6 thoughts on “July Thrift Store Find

  1. Teresa, this table turned out amazing! This is the best $10 table that I have ever seen!! It must have been so much work, but definitely worth it! It seriously looks amazing!! Love it so much!!! Thank you so much for joining us on this challenge!!
    Happy Monday, my friend!!!


  2. This turned out beautifully, Teresa! The funny thing is, if you hadn’t said anything about still needing to recover the chairs, I wouldn’t have noticed. The overspray from painting the chairs actually makes the fabric look almost like it’s been replaced in the pics and they look great with the color of your walls and all. I’m looking forward to seeing them when you have the new fabric on too though. Love the dark stain with the white base on the table. What a great deal!

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  3. Oh, Teresa, this is gorgeous! I’ve been looking for a table just like this for our eat-in dining space. I can’t believe you found it for $10!! Great job!


  4. Teresa I am loving the table and chairs. What a transformation. I love that you kept the stain at the top and painted the base. Looks so pretty…..and for $10 way to go, great find! Have a wonderful day!


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