Hi all!  I’ve been asked to join a thrift store challenge with a wonderful and talented group of ladies so be sure to check out their finds and what they have done! I’ll add all their links at the end.

Anybody that know’s me well, will know how much I love thrift stores and believe me I will go to them everyday. I just LOVE! them so much!!

So myself and a good friend of mine went further afield to some new thrift stores and boy did I come home with lots of stuff..

I have no idea why I went for these three trays but how and ever I thought to myself yep! I can easily do something with these.. As you can see from the back of them I picked them up for little or nothing.. $4.50 for all three trays BARGIN!!! I also picked up this little wooden ribbon for 50c and a black family sign for 50c but I forgot to take a photo before I chalk painted it. I also picked up ten hard back books for $5.00 which I painted and got to stenciling my favourite scripture onto them! (I used them in a few of the photos)

So I get started on painting the trays and the ribbon or bow what ever one wishes to call it.. I used my favourite chalk paint!

When the paint dried I decided to stencil all around them with a metallic paint that I have on hand called Wattyl aged metal.. I love this product!!

The stenciling didn’t take me that long but as I moved along I seemed to be getting a little better at it!! I then decided to go over it in certain areas with my serenity blue Rust-oleum chalk paint, and I loved that idea!! For a change I also painted small strokes around the inside of the tray and around the edges with the serenity blue to give that shabby chic look rather than sand them.

Then I decided that I wanted to make them into a tier tray and I used some old table legs that I had been keeping for around 6 years!! I knew I wanted to use them one day but didn’t know what on! And whoopa now I have a reason to repurpose them!! I cannot throw away anything! So I get going on painting those also…

I used my chop saw to chop them down to the size I wanted. I also reused the tops which I painted white and used these for the four little feet for my bottom tier! I used my glue gun to glue them onto the bottom tier.. I tried my best to use the ends that would screw together to make it easier for myself.

I had pre measured the middle of each tray and drilled a small hole in the middle where I had marked.

I then screw it all together and got to styling it with some of my favourite stuff!

I loved adding some of my favourite items to the trays!

I love this scripture I stenciled on the books which will probable make it into my bedroom at some stage 🙂


I think I’m pretty happy with the look I’ve achieved for my entry way at for only $10.50 😊

Don’t forget to check out all the links below to see what these lovely ladies have come up with and happy thrifting to all the thrifters out there!!!

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11 thoughts on “Thrift Store Challenge

  1. I absolutely love how this turned out and may well be stealing the idea. It’s enough larger than a lot of the tiered trays that you can buy that I can already see it will enable you to have a bit more options when styling it which I love! Great job!!!! You win! lol

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  2. Oh my goodness, you did an amazing job!!! When I first saw the tiered tray, I thought “wow, that’s cute!” But now that I see that you made it…I’m seriously amazed!! You’ve got soooo much talent, my friend!!!

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  3. Wow! This looks so good. Very impressed. I love these challenges and seeing what everyone comes up with. Nice working with you this month!


  4. Wow! This was such a creative project! Love the stencil and how you styled everything – it’s SO pretty!!


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