Master Bedroom Refresh Styling the Bed

Hi friends!! Welcome back to one room at a time Master Bedroom refresh.

Today is bed making day, where we finally get to style are beds!

Im joined up with our host Terrie from Tammy from and Corine from

Friends you may have gathered by now on this series of the master bedroom refresh that the excitement of buying this bedding has got the better of me and the day Is finally here!!

Let me just remind you of the bedding before I change it!

The bedroom before I put the new bedding on it.
It’s not in a bad way and still quite nice I have to say but I just needed it to pop a bit!

I always like to iron my sheets but sometimes I take the lazy option s

Just a different view of the bed!
The first thing I did was stripped the bed and Iwashed all the white linen as I’m still going to use this on the bed!
Getting the bedding out of the wrapping felt like opening up my presents at Christmas! this is the back side of tbd cover so I can reverse it if o wish!
I’ll be using the floral side. This is very reason why I bought this cover in the first place!!
It’s starting to look good!! YAY!!
It’s all coming together just nicely.
I added the white throw on the end of the bed . I left a gap at the end as I really feel that having a little break in the covers adds length to the bed . Especially if your using lots of pillows..
Like I have here!
Once I had the bed linen on, I styled the tray and yes , I took the books and the flowers vase off the nightstand . I always change my mind before the end result.. It’s just a me thing!!
Here is the tray all styled up!!
Daylight photo 🙂
Here is the new look on the nightstand! I actually think it looks better!
I thought I’d give you a shot of the room with just tbd mood of the lamps.

So my friends I hope you like the new look and hope you get some inspiration here!!

So don’t forget that tomorrow is reveal day.. where you get to see the whole room and I have a bit of a surprise in the room for you and to be really honest it took me a few days to decide on wether or not to do it, but you will need to come back tomorrow to see it!!

Please pop on over and see the other three girls who I’ve teamed up with in this bedroom refresh series.. I’ve provided all their links below below!

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow where you get to see the final result of our rooms!

God bless and see you all tomorrow! Teresa! xoxo

Master Bedroom Refresh

Hi friends, we are back again with a one room at a time makeover / refresh

This time we will be working on our bedrooms for the next week.

Each day we will post our before pictures. We will also focus on a focal wall decorate our furniture style our bed etc and on Friday July 29th we will post our reveals.. Videos will be posted on our Facebook pages.

Big thanks to Terrie for hosting and always coming up with a great plan.

So I’ll Be joining up with Terrie from Tammy from and Corine from Junk to Gems and you can find Corine on Facebook. I’ll be posting their links at the end of my blog so please skip on over and see what they are up to.

This is my mood board for the room.

My bedroom isn’t fully ready for a full makeover and I have a few plans for this room so for now I’ll be doing a refresh ..

This is a photo of move in day
This is the bedroom a few weeks ago before we got our new bed!! it took so long unpacking etc We put this room off for a while!
I love the new bed and love the look of it .. Already I am visualising the changes I’ll make to this room!!
Can’t wait to see the bed put together!
Hubby putting the new bed together.
I’ll add a chair in the corner and bring in the table .
I did a makeover on this dresser 10 years ago! I actually found it on the side of the street on a New Year’s Eve . So for sentimental reason I’ll keep it .. It will go in my walk-in wardrobe for now.
This is my bedroom as it stands .. Everything is exactly the way I had it in my last house. Yep, I think it’s time to change things up a bit!!
This will be my focal wall .. Maybe a picture gallery or a French provincial dresser I’m working on!
These are the curtains I’ll diy, I can’t seem to find the right colour blend of material to match my bedding so I’ll hang on until the right material comes in store.. eventually I’ll be making them myself.

Ok friends Come back on Monday , I will be sharing the focal wall and what I’m doing with mine!!

Don’t forget to hop over to the girls below and see how they transform their bedrooms.. I’ve added their links.

God bless!


Christmas Bells

Hi there, friends! It’s that time of month when I join some blogging friends of mine to share some of our ideas where we create different projects each month for under $10. Yes! that’s what I said under $10

The theme this month is Christmas in July!

Whoo whoot!

Can I just say that I’m a little excited . I just love love love anything christmas so this challenge was not getting by me!!

I have a huge Christmas wreath that I always wanted to add some vintage Bells on to it but to be honest I just can’t afford or justify paying the money that they want .. So here I am making them myself!

So basically , the deal is that we can’t spend more than $10 dollars on the project and mine basically cost me nothing! because I already had the paints , glue gun etc all I needed was to save up some bean cans.

Why Bean cans!

The reason why I’m using bean cans is because I want to be able to use them outdoors at Christmas, but my main reason is they are free , tough , durable and not easily broken when stored away. I was going to use soda drink cans but opted for the tin cans instead.

If you don’t usually buy product Items in tin cans you can get your friends to start saving them for you now so that you will have them for Christmas. I used two different sizes in this project. Also , a while ago a good friend of mine gave me some champagne corks tops that he saved up because he knew that I do crafts , so sweet of him.. Funny at the time I had no idea what I’d use them for but they came in handy for this project!

Friends! let me walk you through what I did!

I gathered up my cans, 2 different sizes and peeled off the paper and washed them in soapy water.

These are the cork tops my friend gave me!
You can use any type string you can find .. I really wanted to use jute but I couldn’t find mine.
I had a tub of beads .. i think they were 5 bucks when I purchased them but they have lasted me years!! I used a few of these for this project ..
I had these little thread reels lying around . I think I picked them up for $2.50
For the top of the can I used curtain rings .. I picked these up a few years ago at my thrift store for $2 . There was about 20 in the pack
These sticks were from a present given to me on Mother’s Day .. They had chocolates stuck to them. Yep I keep everything just incase I need them for a project and whoopa! I did!
At first I used a hammer upside down. It was workable but the technique below was so much easier to work with.
I switched to this technique. I turned a long handled pick axe upside down… You may have clamps etc so do what makes it easier for you!
Here are the cans all rounded off at the top , you don’t want them perfect. When you paint them the squashed look will make them look like they have been welded!
I used my plyers to put dints in the cans so they will looked a bit more rustic.
You will need your wire cutters or a tool that will clamp the bottom edges of the tin as they are quite sharp… This is only on ring pull cans .. I used a tin opener as it will be a clean cut and you want need to do the clamping.
I did a paint primer on the cans so my plaster / baking soda would adhere to it. Only because the first one I did crumbled away from the can , silly me!!
Here I used bi carb soda and black paint
Mix the baking soda and paint together well.
Then I spread it out smoothly around the can using an old spatula.

I want to mention that the baking soda and bi carb soda is the same product so please do not use baking powder as this product is different

NOTE! Also guys . bi Carb Soda takes 4-5 hrs to dry ( don’t panic it dries rock hard, don’t keep poking at it like I did lol! ) Plaster of Paris dries in an hour and can be sanded right away

Some areas of the can needed to be painted so I painted the can in a cheap black acrylic paint .
I painted the inside of the can can also see the texture on this one, it is un-sanded.
Before the paint mixture dried I shook some cinnamon powder on the cans .. This isn’t necessary and I won’t do it again. I want to store them away so I was a little worried that the scent of the cinnamon might attract unwelcomed visitors and they may nest!
I drilled a few holes in the top so I could easily put the curtain ring in
After I drilled the holes I used an old chisel to punch a hole in the top so I could place the curtain rings
Once the ring was in I twisted it . Just for extra security.
I decided to sand some of the texture off the can and sanded most if the cinnamon.
I sanded down the can . Note: this one I used Plaster of Paris

You can always do another coat so the can texture is completely gone, I didn’t have the time right now but on my other cans I will do two coats ..

I started to experiment with different paint colours like gold metal, hi coppers etc . I settled with Gold in the end And I also let some of the black shine through . I want them very rustic and rusty looking.
Quick tip: If you do use the cork stop , you will need to drill a hole on the Center big enough to allow the string to pass through
I drilled a hole in the Center of the cork and threaded through some roasting cord and added a bead
Don’t expect to have clean hands while doing this project .. it’s pretty messy!
I then hot glued them together.
It’s up to you what way you want to tie and attach the curtain ring beads and cork. That’s if you decide to use the cork… I didn’t stick to the same method for all three bells.
Thread it through and then you can add the beads if you like.
This is one of the cork tops with a bead attached. I fiddled around till I got the length I liked.
TIP: It just needs to be peeping out of the can to make it look like a bell chime

Two different methods!

This shot , the can has been sanded and I used plaster paris here..
This shot is not sanded and i used Bi carb soda.

The list of items you will need!

  • Empty bean can
  • Beads
  • String
  • Players
  • Sissors
  • Curtain rings
  • Glue gun or E6000 ( or any type of glue you have on hand)
  • Plaster of Paris or Bi Carb soda
  • Gold paint or your colour choice.
  • Paint brush
  • Paint tray
  • Cover for your work station as it’s messy
  • Spatula for mixing
  • Drill if using corks instead of beads

Let me know what you think and if you do happen to use this tutorial please drop me a line and a photo of your Christmas Bells!!

Well my friends here is my take on Old Vintage Christmas Bells.

This shot is with all our lights turned on! I love it!!
I’m in love with the tones in the different lighting control around our house!!
Every Angle is different especially when the sun shines or a light is turned on , they just glow
How good do these look ?

Till next time!

Stay Blessed friends!

Teresa xoxo

High End Dupe DIY Challenge

This month our host Terrie from came up with the idea of duping a high end item! YAY!!

At the end of my post I will leave the links to all the other girls who I’ve teamed up with and are participating in this challenge so be sure to hop on over to their blog pages to see what they have done and I’m sure you are bound to get lots of inspiration !!

Below is what I’m going to Dupe!

This one is $725.99 Nooo way was I ever going to pay that!

My dupe is a faux indoor magnolia tree! I have been wanting to do a faux plant for ages and when I picked up the magnolia stem at TK Maxx for $20 each . I knew that I was going to love this challenge so much!

What I needed for my project!

  • Magnolia Stems x 2
  • Pot (Black is what I used)
  • White Paint (any type except gloss)
  • Poly styrofoam
  • Knife ( to cut styrofoam)
  • Wire
  • Wire cutters
  • spagnum moss

Let’s get started!

I had everything I needed already except for the magnolia stems so basically the whole dupe costed only $40 out of pocket!

I grabbed my old plant pot from the garden and gave it a good wash and hose down so it was clean enough to apply the paint..

I used the largest pot!
A quick hose wash!

Then I used some white paint .. Any paint will do once it’s a latex or water based paint .. You don’t want gloss as you will need to be able to smear and wipe it so it has an aged look. To be honest I didn’t have to wipe off much I just kept wetting the paint brush to make the paint more watery.

I painted the inside top of the plant pot so it would give the illusion of been painted all the way down through the pot.

After the paint dried I cut the styrofoam into pieces so it would fit into the plant pot.

Next step was putting the two stems into the plant pot and then filling around it with more broken pieces of styrofoam.. I pressed firmly wedging the styrofoam in tightly..

Next thing I did was secure the stems with wire. I messed around with the stems until the stems lined up and looked good I secured it with the wire in a few places.

When I was certain I like it I snipped of the wire so it couldn’t be seen

I used a natural sphagnum colour moss as I wanted the natural look to suit the room.. I placed as much sphagnum moss as I could fit around the bottom of the pot to hide all the styrofoam.

I then lightly and gently pulled the stem branches and flowers out a bit so it looked fuller.

I lightly moved and pulled around the flowers and branches on the on the stems to make it look fuller

So here is my magnolia pot plant dupe. I placed it around the house in a few different areas to see where I wanted it it to be placed and decided I’d keep it for now in my entry way ! Here in Australia faux pot plants are not cheap!!

So if you really love something don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. You can pick up the items pretty cheap and most of the other things needed are most likely hanging out in your house somewhere!

You may just surprise yourself with what your capable of achieving!

I hope you have found some tips and inspiration here.

Be sure and check out the other girlos below and see their amazing dupes too!

Be blessed all Teresa!

Half Bath Makeover Reveal week 4

Finally made it to week four of the half bath one room at a time makeover challenge! How exciting!! One more room off the list!! To be honest , if I hadn’t have been asked to join along in the one room at time makeover , this half bath would have been left till next year!! It was nice and tidy as it was but not as stylish as it is now! Thank you to Terrie and Tammy for inviting me to join in this makeover challenge!

My team buddies are Terrie from decorate and more with tip and Tammy from Patina and paint

If you have been following each week you can recap by clicking the links below

Week 2 Powder room makeover one room at a time Friday

Week 3 Powder Room Makeover week 3


  • Last week I added wallpaper.
  • Sanded and prepped the wall for paint.
  • Prepped and trimed wallpaper to get ready for the chair rail.

This week I added chair rail trim and painted the bottom half of the wall and decorated!

I usually keep to whites but I decided to change it up and paint it in an off white light grey tone!

Let’s get this week started

First thing I did was measure the length of each wall.

I had my hubby set up his chop saw for me , so I could do the cuts on the chair rail trim.

Please don’t judge our garden , it’s under construction 😊

After I cut it to size I took it back inside and put adhesive on the back.

Then I attached it to the wall.

I then used my hubbies nail gun for extra security. For this part I also used a level so I could keep it straight while nailing it, once the glue goes on it will have a tendency to slip. The spirit level assures that you don’t let it slide and believe me, I let it slide , even with the level. You really have to multi task here and if I can do it so can anyone else!

I’ve never done a trim angle like this before so I did call hubby into rescue me. Once it got filled sanded and painted , you couldn’t notice the gaps.
We were going to take these tiles back down but it got a bit expensive and we really need that money to be put into other areas of the house and garden plus the time it would take would be a little bit time consuming and time is precious.
I gap filled everything that needed filling like all those little nail heads etc
All gap filled now. It looks messy but once it’s sanded and painted , it will be good!
Time for sanding .. I used a fine grit and used gentle pressure
Taped up and ready for paint
I also taped the underneath so paint wouldn’t get on the chair rail / moulding
I did a white semi gloss on the trim.
Taped up and painted
I decided to take away the toilet roll holder and put it on the other side, so I had to fill these holes..
Here’s we’re I added the toilet roll holder , looks better here!
Here a little tip for your quests. Fold the edges of the toilet roll and press it firmly under the tap spout and it will leave an imprint!!
It’s a cool little feature for your toilet roll
I thought I’d show you this photo so you can see the difference in colour .. My wall was originally white . I chose the colour Frozen Waterfall. The photo doesn’t do the colour justice , It’s so hard to see the true colour here , Our powder room is in the Center of the house and has no natural light.. At first I thought there was no difference in the paint colour but once it dried it was ok. Plus it matched the grey tone in the wallpaper! Bonus!!
Here is the paint work all finished , so it’s time to decorate , my favourite part!!!
I hung this picture here as I wanted a little gold and silver combo
I hung a mirror and matching sconces that I had for many many years and added a white vase with gold stems
I added 3 pictures to the side wall but the mirror reflection makes it look like there are 5 pictures 😊
Decorating the vanity
I added these gold candies holders and silver tray
I hung the pictures and styled the powder room. This is the finished project

Here is just a reminder of the start of the project

I hope you got a little bit of inspiration and it will motivate you to do a job that you have been putting off for a long time. Once I begin to visualise the finished project I think that it motivates me to move quickly on a project .. I usually keep putting things off but once I get going I’m on a mission!

Well friends as usual please jump on over to my other two friends blogs Terrie from and Tammy from Patinaandpsint.Com and you will get to see their half bath reveals.. To make it easy I’ve provided their links below. So you can go straight to their half bath makeovers.

Till next time stay blessed all!


Terries makeover!

Tammy’s makeover!

Powder Room Makeover week 3

Welcome back to One Room at a Time Half Bath makeover

If this is your first time here , no problem I can give you a quick recap on what we are doing.

I joined up with Terrie from Decorate and more with tip and Pammy from Patina and Paint.. The four week makeover is a Half bath makeover . I jumped in at week two and played catch up.. You can check it out here https:/


  • Installed cabinets
  • Installed tiles
  • Installed sink and toilet
  • Installed pendent light
  • Installed mirror
  • Added a towel holder
  • Added a toilet roll holder

This week I hung the wallpaper.

I’ll walk you through what I do when hanging wall paper. first I measure the wall and eyeball the height that I wanted the papers length at , in this case I’m only doing half as I want to do wainscoting on the bottom half of the room so I’m only wallpapering the top!

I use a level to mark out all the walls so I can get my measurement from top to bottom . I cut my paper at 57’ so it will be longer than where I’ll be adding the wainscoting , this gives me room to play with .
The very first piece of wallpaper I start with is in the center of the mirror as this is the main focal point when you enter the room. Then I work my way on either side I find it just works out better to start from the centre of the wall plus it looks even if you have a pattern.
I measure the length I need and cut it about 2’ more , leaving an inch at the top and bottom to be cut
I paste it ..Always read the paste instructions for your wallpapers as some you just need to wet the wall , some you need to paste and some you need to just paste the wall .. This paper needed walls only pasted but I didn’t follow this rule as the last room I did dried to fast , so I pasted the paper also.
I leave it for about 5 minutes or more so the paste can absorb well into the paper . I always fold mine so it prevents it from drying out to fast.
Always join the edges together very closely so the patern matches.
As you can see in the close up , you can’t notice a join . Just take your time till you get it right and before you know it , you will get the hang of it , like a pro 😉
I always use a white cloth to rub the edges together, if you use a coloured cloth you might get dye on the paper , especially at the edges where the paste oozes out and the paper is wetter! Some people use plastic tools like a scraper and some use paper rollovers . I just use a cloth , I find it easy enough using the cloth method!
I started to go anti clockwise till I got to the back of the door and then went to the other side and worked my way right around.

Just a quick tip .. When I get the join just right , I start brushing out the air bubble from the middle of the paper and work outwards and upwards , then I work on brushing outwards at the end .. The paste makes the paper slippery so it’s easy to move around and get it in place at the joins.

I hope this tutorial helped you get a bit of an idea of how to hang wallpaper.

Stay tuned for the reveal week.

Stay tuned for week 4 of the half bath makeover! This will be the final week and you will get to see the final reveal. Next week I will be doing the wainscoting and decorating!!

If you have been following each week , Hop on over to my two friends Terrie and Pammy and see where they are up to on their half bath makeovers.. I have provided their links below.

Stay Blessed all and have a great week!


Powder room makeover one room at a time Friday

Hi all and welcome to my week one of my half bath makeover..

Over the next three weeks I’m teaming up with some friends to do a half bath bathroom makeover..

My team buddies are Terrie from decorateandmorewithtip and Tammy from Patina and Paint . I’ll add their links at the end of my post so make sure to pop on over and check them out, y’all get to see what they are up to on their challenge

Ny inspiration Board

I wanted to bring in some greys gold and silver tones into this little half bath room, I know it sounds a little mixed matched but I thought , what the hec I can always change it if I don’t like it, right ?

Basically the room was a blank canvas and we got the professions in to do what we weren’t aloud as here in Australia they have strict compliance rules. Things we can’t do ourselves are as follows

  • Plumbing
  • Electrics
  • Tiling in certain areas

Here is our powder room as a blank canvas

So the first thing we installed was the vanity

Then the sink was installed and tiling got done on the same day
The electrician came and installed the pendent light for me.

We managed to get a mirror put up over the vanity and the plumber came to install the Taps. Bonus!!!

I installed a simple towel holder as I didn’t really know how my powder room would turn out like, especially with mixing silver and gold tones so keeping it simple is best for now. I can always change it out later on if I need too.

As the room stands today

I hope you liked the beginning of my half bath makeover challenge. Don’t forget to pop over to Terrie and Pammys blogs

I’ve put the links to my other two friends below so check out their makeovers . I’m pretty sure they will have some great tips and lots of inspiration for you all!

Stay tuned to see my update next week!!

Stay blessed all and have a great weekend!


Media Room Makeover

I’ve joined up three other blogging buddies to do a diy challenge which is hosted by Terrie !!

This months diy challenge is going to be a diy home improvement or can be anything that will spruce up your home inside or out!! I chose to do a room spruce up!!

My challenge is my media /movie room!

Just so you all know , even though this house is a new build there are lots of things we are doing ourselves!

Basically in a nutshell, the media room or movie room as some call it, is actually one of the last rooms on our agenda to style. It actually become a dumping ground and we just couldn’t use it , so when our host Terrie from came up with the challenge , I just couldn’t say no and decided to join in.

Here are some before pictures of the room

Pretty pretty messy

All that knows me knows that I’m not into colours too much , I love everything white and nuetral.. but in our new build I promised my hubby that he could have some say in decorating the media/ cinema room .. So I had to try do something that was not so girly but yet have a classy look while still having some masculinity in it..

The first thing I did was add curtains.. especially for privacy !! Our ceiling are 2.6 high and I wanted them to hang high from the ceilings . Being a media room there could be no light seeping through unfortunately they don’t make curtains that high and it would have been thousands to get them custom made. I had two sets so I joined them together and made them longer adding a ribbon at the seem join! I also change out the pleating tape an I also bought material at half price for the black backing!

I added ribbon to the end so the join couldn’t be seen. That inspired me to add a black sheer curtain to the back ( which I made myself )
My hubby hung the double rail from the ceilings. This also allowed no light to enter into the room if we were watching movies during the day..

The room had no where to put our new 86” TV and our solos system.. So the second thing I had to do was buy a tv console table so that’s the very first thing I started with started with was make over on this tv console that I picked up last week on market place. You can click the link here https/ to see how I did the makeover on this.

This is a before photo of the console!

Now that I had curtains and a tv console table I could move on and decorate! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

So I started rummaging through my garage I and opening up boxes to see what I had. I hung a few pictures and my huge clock that I love.

The sun was shining so photos where hard to catch .. But this room is a movie room so It will need to be dark.

Over all this room has become a lot better than just being a dumping ground.. It’s actually cosy now!!

The corner is basically the only area I let my hubby have.. So I let him put up some of his sports pictures ( you may notice that they are at the back corner of the room lol!! )
I kinda feel a little bit bad considering I promised him he will have total say in how the room will turn out but suppose you just have to use what you got at that moment and he didn’t have much stuff
I also painted my giant vase white , it was to much on the terracotta tone!!
Pulling the curtains to get the effect.

This is not the style I had planned out for the room , but however , it’s now functional and looks so much better than a dumping room. So for a temporary fix to an unwelcoming room I’m thinking this looks pretty cosy!!

I hope you enjoyed my quick room makeover. Don’t forget to check out the links below to get some more inspiration from my blogging friends.

Stay blessed all!!


>Terrie Decorate and More with Tip

Tammy Patina and Paint

Teresa Through the Vintage Door

Shae Sweet Southern Grace

Valentines DIY Challenge.

It’s weird! I never really decorate for Valentines! I usually just cook a nice dinner , light a few candles, watch a romantic movie, buy my hubby a little special gift and a card . I’m sure you get the drift! I like to just create a nice atmosphere and that’s really about it for Valentine’s Day for me!!

This month our host Terrie from  @decorateandmorewithtip decided that since this challenge is in February let’s do something hearts 🙂 literally anything hearts from diy to food , anything at all!! And as usual all my blogging buddies links are below, so you have to check them out!!

So now all of a sudden I’m liking the valentines decor but I don’t have anything that’s valentine teamed in my home except for a few hearts that’s permanently scattered through out the house all year long!!

How and ever all I seem to want to do now is valentine themed stuff so this will be my very first hearts/valentines diy project!!

But I’m keeping it simple…

The Challenge!

I had idea what I was going to do until I spotted all these little things all over my garden and street!!

I have absolutely no idea what you call these but I’m sure they came from either one of the trees in my neighbours yard or in the middle of the verge outside my house.

It’s hard to explain the texture because they feel like little pieces of wood!! I’m sure the cars driving by would have laughed and wondered what the hec I was doing picking up these pieces of so called rubbish , but I didn’t see rubbish I only saw beauty and a project

So here we go!

These are the pieces.

So I get an old bucket and wash them in soapy water! Oops you can see a leaf or two in there!!!

Then I rinsed them off to get all the suds and sand from them (Did I tell you I live on an Island ? Everything gets so sandy here because everything is built on sand)

After rinsing them I then had to leave them in the sun to dry off…

Ummm! They seemed to be much brighter looking since I washed them , which I like ..

I tried bleaching some as you can see below but it took a day and I didn’t want the cost of the bleach as this project is supposed to be money friendly! Plus I’m not sure if I truly like the bleached look for this particular project! (See below)

I had a diy wreath in my craft box which was given to me from a neighbour. It was one of those diy wreaths which came with little felt Christmas items. I put those away as I only needed the wreath and my local store had none in stock. It’s a little old and tacky but you want notice it when the project is completed…

When all the little wooden tree petals were completely dry I grabbed my glue gun and glue and just started to glue the petals onto the wreath one by one…

I glued them in bunches of fours and fives starting at the top , then the bottom and moving into the sides then started filling in the gaps so it would all look evened out..

I then started to fill in the outside and inside if the wreath making sure I filled in all the gaps so you couldn’t see any white styrofoam!

I then used some red and cream stock card that I had on hand

I was going to use my new Cricut maker that I got for Christmas to cut out the hearts but decided to cut them by hand after all it is a diy project and I wanted to show how easy it is to cut the hearts by hand . It didn’t take too long. I just kept folding and drawing hearts and then hand cut the hearts out of the card.

I had some beige burlap ribbon that I used in a few other projects. I turn the wreath around do the back side of it was now facing me and just glued the burlap to the wreath so I could easily hang it.

I used 20 inches so I could double up on the burlap… I made sure I checked out the position I wanted it to hang before I glued the burlap to the back of the wreath.

You can cut your own desired length at all , what ever suited your space!!

At the back of the burlap I glued a small loop of twine right at the top so I could hang it straight.

I also so added a piece across the back of the wreath just for an added feature on Wreath! ( that was just a moment of inspiration, not planned at all lol! )

I turned it back around so it was facing me and then I added some love heart cut outs to the burlap!! First I just wanted simple red then I decided to add some smaller white in the middle and then I decided to put even smaller red on the white hearts so this was three layers of hearts . The smaller the hearts got, the harder they were to cut .. but perseverance is the key , if I can do it then anyone can!!!

Can you see how small that heart is compared to the others beside it? Yep! It’s pretty small…

I really wanted something very simple and I think this turned out exactly that way…

I then added some of the cut out hearts to the burlap, then randomly scattered the hearts around the whole wreath . I tried to make it as pretty as possible without going over board.

As you can see on the part that I’m using to hang the wreath, I put heart within a heart within a heart!!

Hearts galore!!! Lol!

And more hearts!

And even more hearts!!

I hope you liked the simplicity of this project . Anyone can do this! You can use card to make the petals or wood chippings or dried leaves!

Finished project!

Things I used!

I just worked with what I had!


Pen or pencil

Glue gun and glue

Red twine

Burlap ribbon

Red and white card stock

Wreath ( styrofoam )

Wood petals or wood chippings

Happy project making peeps!

Be sure to check out all my blogging buddies below and see what they came up with for their heart challenge projects, as usual you want be disappointed!!

Have a great day all!


Jessica B Simmons
Cloches and Lavender
Blessings by Me
Patina and Paint

Barn House Mess

Through a Vintage Door

Hi everyone, thanks for dropping by my page I’m Teresa Taylor AKA Through a Vintage Door. I’m an Irish gal Living in Australia and life is just so good over here we are just so spoiled.

Ive started this blog so that all our family and friends back home can follow us on our little journey in creating our new home, but saying that all are welcome to follow us and see what we are doing (Oh trust me, we are always doing something)

Im a DIY fanatic and a crazy christmas loving gal , which you will find out! I’m the type of gal that will put my hand to absolutely anything and my moto is, if it works it works! and if it doesn’t work ,don’t worry i’ll make it work!

Being in Australia for 6 years!, yes 6 whole years! I just cannot believe it, since we original only came for a 6 week holiday, wowser! Me and my one and only have decided its time to stop renting and time to buy our first home in Aussie land.

We just bought this little fixer upper and I’m so super excited to start renovations and styling my new nest in just the way I want it to look. This is a quick sneak peak of the outside before we sadly but happily rip it apart.

9 avon ave


Bedroom refresh Styling the Bedroom Furniture

Welcome back to one room at a time bedroom refresh

Can you believe that we are already into day four of the bedroom refresh!! Can I just say that I am getting a little bit excited about the finished look of my room..

Just a reminder friends

Jump on over to our host Terrie’s blog at and Tammy at http://www.patina and I’ll leave their blog links at the end of my post.. Corine will join us tomorrow when we do our bedding!! Sooo excited for that…

Today we are styling our bedrooms with Items that we purchased crafted or taken from different rooms in our homes.

The first thing I started to style was my dresser of course!! I just couldn’t wait to see this beauty all dressed up!!

But before I start styling the dresser, let me show you some before pictures..

This is the marketplace picture of tbd dresser and mirror

I was so excited about where I was going to place the new book ends and the only realistic place was the dresser as I’ve no shelving in the bedroom. So here they are.

I used my jewellery box instead of books because I needs somewhere to put it, also it looked nice, and also it looked like books!!
I took my candlesticks from my entry way and used them here. They are battery operated.
The over all look of the dresser..
I used the books on my nightstand.
And this is the lamps in this room .. Pretty, I think.

I hope you have found some inspiration and ideas regarding styling! Remover always play around with your items until you are happy with the look..

Don’t forget to check out my friends Terrie and Tammy below!!



Until tomorrow all, God Bless xoxo


Master Bedroom Refresh Decor Haul

Hi all today is day three of our one room at a time master bedroom refresh, and today we are sharing our decor haul!!

So I’ll be teaming up with Our host Terrie from Tammy from and Corine from

All their links are are the bottom of my page

I will be using some items from around the house and I have also purchased a few things!

These are some items I’ll be using!
First of all I want to show you these covers . I’m in love with this bedding even though it’s still in its packing!! Soo excited to rip those bags off them and finally sleep under this elegant bedding that is just oozing beauty!!
Next I want to talk about these two bookends and I just want to say WOW!! I can’t wait to use them.. I just love love love the colours they have a hint of silver and Gold and I’m crazy about them!!
Next up I have these books that I painted a few years ago for a different challenge on Instagram or fb or something.. I’m definitely keeping these in the room as I think the scripture on them is relevant to have in a bedroom. The scripture is from Job 33 v 15–17 when deep sleep falls upon man God speaks.
These are my lamps from my lounge!! I’m a little bit apprehensive taking them out of my lounge only because I adore them so much and use them every single day but however as you can see on the below photo they match my headboard so well!! A change for them will be good I think!!
Oh dear oh deer!! Do I love this little guy ? Yes yes yes! He’s been locked away for quite a while and now he is finally free!! Where will I use him ummm! See where he will go in Fridays reveal!!
These pillow covers are going to look amazing on my bed the zips where broken so I picked them up for little or nothing!! I can easily fix that problem!!
These are the European pillow shams the are standard size at 65×65
I’ve had this wreath a few years and want to place it on my focal wall
This is the dresser when i first purchased it! I’ll be doing a tutorial in another blog post about the dresser makeover,

The list of items I purchase are

  • Bedding king size price $299 from Bed Bath and Table
  • Pillowsham size 48×73 price $39.99 each
  • Pillowsham European size 65×64 $49.99 each
  • European pillow inserts are from KMart price $14.99 and these are the cheapest I could find.
  • Books ends TkMaxx 19.99 each
  • White books with scripture done by myself for a challenge a few years ago.
  • Lamps where originally from Early Settlers price $199 each (5 years ago ) they don’t stock them anymore
  • The deer head was $40 when I purchased it but I can’t recall where I bought them!
  • The dresser was $150 from market place.
  • Wreath was from $50 from TkMaxx 2 years ago

So check out the other girlos below and see what they have purchased!!


So guys until tomorrow have a good day and God Bless


Master Bedroom Focal wall

Hi all it’s already Monday and today is day two of the master bedroom refresh.

The girls and I will be picking a wall and using it as a focal point.

So , Terrie from and Tammy from will working on doing something with a wall of choice!

This is my wall before I do anything with it!

So what I want to achieve here is a touch of elegance by doing a black French provincial dresser and mirror to match!

I’ll give you a sneak peak of the dresser I’ll be using in the area ..

Unfortunately I wanted to use this mirror on the wall but yesterday it broke !! So I had to come up with something new so here was I’m doing..

I’m still going to use the mirror frame but I’ll diy it

So I decided to paint it black by using a chalk paint.

I give it one coat of black chalk paint and let dry!
I then screw some eye hooks into the back and add some wire so i can hang it so I can hang it
These are what I used.
I take it outside and spray it with two different colours of grey..
I love the two tone effect. It came out more rustic than I expected ( winner )
I put a hook in the Centre of the frame as I want to hang a wreath.
I measured the wall and put a screw in the centre of the wall.
I hung the frame .
I hung the wreath on it.
I measured from the ceilings and the from the outside of the wall so I could line up the nails for the wall sconces!
So both are perfectly lined up
Here is the focal wall!

I’m loving it and hope you all like it too!

Tune in tomorrow where we show the items we purchased and the items we will decorate our furniture with!!

So here are a few pictures of the focal wall!

All I know is I am recalling looking forward to seeing what the girls below have done ..

So don’t forget to jump on over to my friends blogs and see how their focal walls turned out .. I’m sure you will love what they have done!

Terries wall

Tammy’s wall

You can check out Corine on her FB page .. who room is already amazing as it is!!

Stay blessed all

Teresa xoxo

TV Console Makeover

TV Console Makeover!

In the raw

I found this piece on Market place and immediately fell in love with it.. I was scrolling through my phone at 6:30 am and by 2 pm it was in the back of my truck going home with me. I knew exactly where it was going (temporarily ) and what I was going to do with it.

This project had me a little tiny bit reluctant in its makeover.

Why is that you may ask , well you see I’m a white girl and love white furniture and can say with my hand on my heart that I’m not a dark furniture girl at all!! But with this makeover I just had to do something completely different..

In our new build I promised my hubby that he could have some say in decorating the media/ cinema room .. So I had to try do something that was not so girly but yet have a classy look while still having some masculinity to it..

Let’s get started

So the first thing I did was , get my sanders out and completely sand the top and get it ready for stain and waxing.. I find that doing this has a great durability and makes the piece look so much classier and richer ( in my opinion) But this time I decide to paint strip it first ( just the top only) and this made life so much easier 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 happy dance!! So I seen this technique used on YouTube and thought umm!! I’m gonna give that a try.

Here it goes!

  • Put your paint stripper on
  • Then put cling wrap on it
  • Wait for the recommended time on the tin..
  • Then , while the cling wrap is still on use your scraper to strip the varnish/ paint off
  • Don’t do what I did and do the entire piece at once , do it in sections maybe half and half as it dries fast..
See how easy it came off

Then I got my belt sander ( sorry not shown in the pictures ) Then I used my orbital sander with a medium grit and then I used a finer grit for the final sand.

Next Step

I filled any holes , which to my surprise , had very few! Then lightly sanded the areas I filled..

Moving on 💃🏻

Something I’ve never done before is spray paint yay!! So much easier when your dealing with shelves etc .. I taped up the top of the tv console where I had sanded and also taped up the glass on the two doors and started to spray. I did leave the handles on as I intended to keep them. But , at the end of the project I decided to change them out for something more timely looking on the piece .

I just sprayed in strokes across the piece

The doors had a metal insert behind the glass ( hated the colour) so I took those out and sprayed them also.

I then peeled off the paper from the top

How beautiful does it look.

I actually debated with myself wether to white wash the top or give it a bleached look so after stepping away for an hr or so I decided to keep the top dark. After all this I’d fit my hubby and not me.

So out comes the Java gel

I gave it about two or three coats . Just randomly all over the top until I liked the look .. Always apply it in the same direction as the grain.

This is the first coat
Second coat

These are the door handles I decided to use (awesome)

And the finished product

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Wicker Chair Makeover

I have the pleasure of joining a new blogging group this month hosted by Tammy from Patina&paint.

Today is Under $10 on the 10th! Where a group of bloggers get together and share ideas that cost less than $10.00.

A few months ago I purchased an old wicker chair from our local thrift store that was probably just fit for the bin. But hey, at six bucks , I was definitely going home with it.

It looks better in the photo than what it really was. It has black marks , cobwebs and some broken bits .
This is after washing it down , you can see the black marks

So , the look I want to achieve will be sort of a greyish look, like it’s been outside in all types of weather, and then the sun hits it and bleaches it.. Not sure how it will turn out but hey, it was only $6

What you will need

  • Old wicker chair
  • Bowl
  • Paintbrush
  • Water
  • Rag
  • Any type of white paint except chalk paint (I used exterior white )
  • Some paint sheets (I used old curtains )
I didn’t end up using the roller.

Tbd first thing I did was washed the chair down with soapy water, and boy was it dirty. I actually ended up lightly hissing it with the power hose. Very lightly tho , as not to take off the varnish. You will not want to take that off or you will get wood bristles and they don’t look good

You can see some strands of wicker missing from the seat, but that ok as it’s not noticeable once a cushion goes on it..

I then began mixing a little water and very little paint in the bowl and then taking a rag and rubbing the paint on the chair.

I used the brush here to get a little deeper into the wicker , but not too much

I just kept rubbing on the paint and rubbing it back off again. With tbd watered down paint .. On tbd edges of the chair and wherever it had some detail I put full paint and didn’t water it down as I wanted these parts to slightly stand out .. Then I began scrubbing the chair again with tbd diluted mix. I have to say that this part of the process does take a bit of time so make sure you have a free day before you start your project

You can see I used neat paint on tbd details here
Some areas I used neat paint just to help the detail stand out.

As you can see below that I decided to paint all the legs and cane with a neat paint and let it dry off a little bit because I’m using exterior white paint I had to be careful not to fully leg it dry otherwise I can’t wash it off to get that lime look bleached effect.

I actually went inside and made myself a cup of tea ( my favourite thing when I’m doing a project ) 😊

After a few minutes and before it completely dries , get your cloth and keep rubbing as much as tbd paint of as you can. At this stage you will need to keep adding and taking off the paint .. Everyone has different taste so this will be exactly up to you and how far you want to go..

This is as far as I wanted to take the piece

As you can see it’s looking more weathered and bleached. I’m happy with the stage it’s at so once it’s completely dry I’ll start decorating it with a simple cushion and a throw

When your doing a new build a lot of your money has to go on landscaping driveways ,walls , fencing and so on. Luxuries like patio furniture and garden decor gets put on hold. So that makes me a great believer in thrifting stuff and refurbishing it and just trying to make the space look pretty until I can afford what I really want.. So for six bucks I think I may have just achieved that here..

Check out the finished project and let me know what you think.

Every evening I watch the kangaroo’s coming out of the forest and it’s so beautiful to see! I thought I’d give you a quick shot of tbd view that I have from my new chair!

Later on in the evening I decided to switch on my outdoor tv , tgrab a glass or two of wine and just cuddle up and chill out on my own.. I lit all my candles and cuddle up in my throw and just chilled out for a while.. So glad I joined in on this challenge this week otherwise that chair would be still in the back of the garage.

Check out all the other ladies crafts. You can click on all the links provided below.




Happy browsing peeps and hope you find something that will inspire you.

Stay blessed Teresa

DIY Stone Vase

I had this old gold plastic or type of resin vase that I purchased at the thrift store for little or nothing .. I’ve carried this around Australia with me from house to house as I liked it at the time .. This pot has been in my bathroom , hallway and even out door collecting dust as it became so grubby. Now it’s a display piece in my new house on my countertop and I am loving it..

I know I did a lamp for my last project but that project is what inspired me for this one.. here is the piece before I did anything to it

What you need

  • Plaster of Paris
  • Water
  • Bowl
  • Mixing spoon
  • White chalk paint or white latex paint
  • (Chalk paint spray optional)
  • Paint brush
  • Sandpaper
  • Old vase to work on

Start the project

Grab your vase and wash it down with soapy water

Get your paint and give it a coat or two so you have a base for the plaster to bind to

Grab your bowl and add a small amount of water and start to mix your plaster of Paris . I added a spoon or two of my latex paint but this is optional! You will need to move fast as it dries quickly , you can add water to loosen it up and it up.

Begin to spread it on the vase in strokes and try create some lumpy bits as you can sand these off later. You will notice it gets hot as you work it around and hardens quickly on your hands but it’s easily washed off.

Let it dry , which will dry fast and then get your brush and paint your piece randomly .. begin your sand it how you want and repaint it all over or just in places that you like . I didn’t paint the complete piece and I sanded it randomly.

So here is the finished piece

Hope you found this easy and has inspired you to get that old vase you may have lying around and do something new with it.

Be blessed all


DIY Stone Lamp

I’m so excited to be able to teams up with some blogging friends and join in with another DIY Challenge hosted by Terrie from decorateandmorewithtip. This month we can diy or makeover what ever we want and I knew exactly what I needed to do..

So most of you may know that we sold our house and stayed in a holiday rental for over a year while our house was being built. All our stuff went into storage but before hand I had a garage sale and some stuff didn’t get sold.

My DIY will be one of those items that didn’t get sold.

A lamp!! And an ugly lamp at that!! I thrifted this lamp for $6.00 a few years back and couldn’t even get rid of it at my garage sale believe it or not! no one wanted it even though I only had a dollor on it .. The lamp is ceramic with some sort of fake bumps on it .. Here it is below

Ugly isn’t it I started to paint it as you can see below.

I began painting it and thought yuk!! I didn’t like the texture.

So I decided to get my plaster of Paris out I mixed it with some primer paint and some Rustoleum white linen. I started using a paint brush to spread it over the lamp then used some gloves but scrap both those techniques as it was drying way to fast. I decided to just use my hands. Worked better and faster

You can see the brush is starting to clump

When I got it to the stage I liked I gave it a coat of rustoleum chalked spray this sealed the plaster.. It was quite dusty until I sprayed it.. Once it was dry it was ready to use.. I just needed to add a lamp shade and a bulb

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