How to make a wreath from scratch.

Hi guys the first thing I do is buy as much flowers and folliage as I can when they are on clearance. Don’t worry about over load as you can use them all over the house and when you start making stuff , believe me they will disappear very quickly.
I bought a basket , chalk painted it then placed all my flowers and stems in the basket and just used that as decor on a table. ( I just take them out of the basket and use them as I go) Though you will find yourself wanting to replace them quickly, just so you don’t run out and this is a great way of storing them if you don’t have space , just use them this way , bonus they will brighten up the house too 🙂

Storing your stems 3 and fished wreath

Here is the basket I painted and used to store my flowers

storing your stems 1

You can store them in your display cabinet

Storing your Stems 2

Use a used bean can, just wash it out and spray it with some WD 40 that way it will remove the sticky residue and add shine to the can
Try and buy flowers and stems that have good quality, these will look far better and will look more expensive especially if you are planning to sell the wreaths. You can see the quality of the Orchids i’ve used here in the photo below . You can pay anything from 5 bucks to 16 bucks on a stem depending on how well you want your arrangement to turn out. So keep your eyes peeled for clearance items.

Orchid Quality

The quality is so good you can see the veins on the petals
Items you will need for this project.
Artificial Hydrangeas and their leaves , Orchids, Roses, and some sort of white flowers (name to follow)
Vine Screening
Glue Gun and glue
Tie wire
Wire cutters
Secateurs or pruner
Cuppa tea or Coffee.
Items for wreath
Lets begin the project
Unroll your vine screen so its laid out flat. depending on the thickness you want your vine wreath to be will depend on how you like it. I like it to be heavy and thick . I usually end up with four vines out of the roll. Get your wire cutters and start to cut the vine screen into sections of your choice.
  1. With one of the sections you have cut, start to roll it together , but don’t put pressure on it if you have decided to go for a more lighter weight wreath. (quick tip) > Sometimes the lighter the wreath then the easier to bend into shape , but I like them thick and heavy
Rolling out the wreath
2. Once you have rolled the vine grab your wire or string and tie from the centre first , then keep tieing towards the ends . You will use maybe 5 ties in total ( I used string in this project)

3. When its tied and secured with the string or wire just bend it into shape , but do this very gently or the vines will just snap. Then tie the two ends together making it into a circular shape . Your two ends should over lap. You can make this as small or as big as the you like by pulling it into shape and no need to worry if its thicker on one side than the other , the flowers will hide this. You may have to keep bending and squashing it into shape.

 Wreath making 5


See how the wreath overlaps , Just pull it as small as you like or leave it this shape . The smaller you make it the thicker it will become , so my tip here is , if you want a small thick wreath , just cut your original vine a littler smaller , you may get 5 or more wreaths by doing this.
4. Shape it until you are happy and tie it securely
 Secure the wreath by suing string or wire around the whole wreath
Shape of wreath
5. When you are happy with the look of the wreath get your flowers and arrange them to your hearts desire. (Quick tip) play around with this , you will be surprised at how many times you will change your mind so don’t just settle on your first arrangement.

stick on the flowers

Arrange your stems on your wreath , arrange a few times so you can acheive your desired look
6. When you like the look you have created start to glue your stems in place. If you don’t have a glue gun or don’t want to glue them, just tie them with wire or string , this will be a bit more time consuming because if your doing two matching and you tie them wrong, it means you have to keep redoing them till they match up the same . But the overall effect is the same wether glued or tied
7. Last thing to do is hold your wreath up and decide which angle you prefare , then centre a piece of string or wire in the centre of your wreath.
Wreath Completed
8. Finding a home to hang your project …..Hang it in your desired room 🙂

finding a home for your wreath

I chalk painted these old shutters a few weeks ago and they just needed a little flare to bring them to life. Mess around with your new wreath and you will soon find its perfect home. You will be surprised at how you will be inspired to make a few , With me it hard to make up my mind where I want to put my projects , but I was inspired with the old shutters that I already knew that these would go here

Happy days !!! You just made your first wreath.  Enjoy using your project.