DIY Stone Lamp

I’m so excited to be able to teams up with some blogging friends and join in with another DIY Challenge hosted by Terrie from decorateandmorewithtip. This month we can diy or makeover what ever we want and I knew exactly what I needed to do..

So most of you may know that we sold our house and stayed in a holiday rental for over a year while our house was being built. All our stuff went into storage but before hand I had a garage sale and some stuff didn’t get sold.

My DIY will be one of those items that didn’t get sold.

A lamp!! And an ugly lamp at that!! I thrifted this lamp for $6.00 a few years back and couldn’t even get rid of it at my garage sale believe it or not! no one wanted it even though I only had a dollor on it .. The lamp is ceramic with some sort of fake bumps on it .. Here it is below

Ugly isn’t it I started to paint it as you can see below.

I began painting it and thought yuk!! I didn’t like the texture.

So I decided to get my plaster of Paris out I mixed it with some primer paint and some Rustoleum white linen. I started using a paint brush to spread it over the lamp then used some gloves but scrap both those techniques as it was drying way to fast. I decided to just use my hands. Worked better and faster

You can see the brush is starting to clump

When I got it to the stage I liked I gave it a coat of rustoleum chalked spray this sealed the plaster.. It was quite dusty until I sprayed it.. Once it was dry it was ready to use.. I just needed to add a lamp shade and a bulb

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