June Thrift Store Challenge

It’s been a while since I’ve done a thrift store challenge and I’m so happy to have caught a bit of time to join in this months challenge with some of my favourite ladies… Tara from Stilletos and shiplap and Emily from LeCultivateur is hosting this months challenge and Oh boy can they turn nothing into something, so make sure you jump on over to see their projects and I’ve linked them all at the end of my post..

So let’s begin the project! But first of all let me just say that when I spotted this vase I knew exactly what I was going to do with it, and I knew I was going to keep it really simple. Have I mentioned that I’m building a new home 🙂 Well peeps in my new house I’m going to bring a lot of earthy items so this vase and it’s shape was going to fit in perfect … The moment I set my eyes on it the vision was swirling around in my head.. The bonus of it , it only costed $9 Yep! That’s right here it is in its store glory…

Before I started to do anything with it
$9.00 what a steal
  • Vase
  • Gloves
  • White Chalk Paint
  • Plaster of paris
  • Water and dish
  • Spoon for mixing
  • Paint brush ( optional )

So the fist thing I did was clean the vase with soapy warm water and then dried it off. Then I gave it one coat of paint all over so it had an even coat. The paint I’m using is chalk paint by Canterbury Blue and the colour is Fresh White. Please note that if you try to use plaster of Paris straight onto the vase, it won’t stick… It will just crumble and fall off .. You need a paint so the plaster can’t adhere too.

When the paint was fully dry I then mixed up the water with the plaster and then added a teasooon or two of bicarb to the mixture , I don’t know why I do this , I just always seem to do it this way . Just my thing I suppose!!

Then when it was mixed I put on the gloves and began to smear the mixture all around the vase. The gloves become floppy and acts as a paint brush.

Make sure to get the paint and plaster of Paris inside the rim of the vase, this will give you a more realistic look and gives the illusion that’s it’s stone through and through.

But then I decided to use my Annie Sloan paint brush to smooth it out even more … Just be careful to make sure that your strokes are even all around . Doing this will look more natural . You can keep wiping off or watering down the mixture until yih get the desired look your after.

When this is fully dry you are ready to mix up another batch and redo the exact same process over again.. Below is the second coat

Smooth it out to the way you want it to look.. I took my time with this part.

Here is a few photos of the end product..

I think the candle really brought out the stone look.

I hope you like what I’ve done and you can now jump onto all the links below to see what all my other friends have done for the thrift store challenge.

Hope you all got some inspiration from this simple project..

Thanks for dropping by. Stay blessed all.












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Knock-off Challenge Dough Bowl

Who doesn’t love a Dough Bowl? And who doesn’t love paying $100 or even $199 for it ? ME!

Right at the end I’ve posted pictures of the two Dough Bowls I love ( but couldn’t afford) from Pottery Barn

The challenge!

Our host Terrie from decorate and more with tip decided that we should have a knock-off challenge this month and rounded up eight of us And straight away I’m like hec yes!!

Im definitely in for this , why?

1. Because I was a bit scared to change the colour of the bowl … And that’s a challenge in itself….

2. It got me moving on my decision to just go for it and paint it (my mind was saying , don’t be scared)

Ya see , I bought this dough bowl at a thrift store a while back for only $10, and when I bought it I knew I wanted to do something with it , but didn’t know what to do!

So for a thrift store challenged last year I just styled it and left it !! Heres a few photos of it… It’s really nice, but it needs something else , I think…

You know that feeling , the one where you know it’s time to do something with it! Well I was flicking through the pottery barn website and stumbled across a white / bleached dough bowl and fell in love with it . At the same time Terrie put it out to us that we will be doing a knock off challenge! Straight away I knew I wanted to be in this challenge …

So I got to sanding the bowl with a wire cleaner, over here , we call them Brillo pads!

It was proving to be harder than I thought, so I just kept scrubbing all the wax and stain off .

I kept bringing it into the other room , checking it out in a different light and bringing it back to the wire pad and water

Finally I’m getting to where I need it to be.

So I put it outside to dry in the sun and then put the first coat of white paint on it and kept rubbing it in circular movements to try get the paint into the grain of the wood!!

Then I would rub the paint back off and just keep doing the same process of painting and rubbing off ..

I kept using a wet rag to try and take away some of the white paint and when I finally got to the point I wanted it to be ,I just stopped and left it to dry!

After a few days it went pink, not a chance can I leave it like this!

boy was I frustrated so I gave it a coat of Dulux white primer adhesive! I remembered I had some left over from when I repainted my bathroom and bedroom doors…

Yay this looks better…But I still want it to look like the one I seen on the pottery barn website…

Just some info, this is the Dulux adhesive primer.

I then gave it a coat of rustoleum linen white

So friends!!

Here’s the Pottery Barn Dough Bowls

And here’s mine

I had all the paint on hand and the bowl costed me $10 from a thrift store last year.

Next job!

Once it’s all dried , I just simply styled it!!

Well friends I hope you where inspired with my Dough Bowl..

And there is a lot more inspiration for you down below.

Don’t forget to hop over to all my blogging friends below , you never know one of them may just have something that will inspire you to go create!!

My moto , don’t pay if you can create!!

Stay safe and be blessed all!


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Quarantine Upcycle Challenge: Painted Suitcase

This months makeover challenge is hosted by Tara from Stillettoandshiplap and Emily from Lecultivateur

The challenge!

Revamp something we already have!! How appropriate for the time we are in right now! I think we are all getting a bit fed up with the whole conflict that this virus has brought into our lives right now! It’s every where we look!

Switch on the tv and whoopa there it is Covid 19.

Go to the grocery store , whoopa there it is again! Afraid to touch our shopping trolleys and baskets not to mention the squeeze between people in the isles 🤷🏻‍♀️

Pick up the phone ,there it is again! The whole conversation is about the virus 🦠

Go onto Facebook, yes faithful Facebook will constantly remind you the virus is still lurking! Everywhere!! 🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠

Use your toilet , yep!!! probably the biggest reminder because your constantly watching your toilet roll supply!! 🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻

Now try going for a walk !!! Before you even take your first step outside your own home into this world that has become so unknown to us is just beginning ! Yes social distancing! Even a fresh walk isn’t pleasant these days!

Take a little time out!

Well friends! why not distance yourself from this virus for just one moment! You know it’s ok to take a break away from the kaos that’s going on! Switch off the tv, don’t check the news or Facebook , don’t even pick up your phone and just take some YOU time!! Do something that you love doing , for me , it’s Diy crafts or decorating! For you it could be gardening or just getting inspiration for your home! What ever it is just do it!!

This is exactly what I’m doing today.. Taking some me time! And how I’m doing this today is revamping a little old suitcase that was given to me a year ago by our best friends father!!

My Project!

So the story about this suitcase is, it’s already had a bit of a revamp but a disasterous revamp! So disasterous it was shoved into one of my spare bedrooms and hidden under a chair out of sight!!

Every time I moved the chair and caught the slightest glimpse of the suite-case, I would promise myself I would take it out and redo it again, but that didn’t happen! A whole year went by! Anyways this challenge got me going on the redoing the suitcase , after all , a promise is a promise right?

So here’s the suitcase when it was handed to me… Not the most prettiest! Hey?

Up cycle Failure!!!

Which I have no photos!! But originally I had grey stripes on both sides!! Did not look good. I taped up all the clasps and handle and painted around them, but tbd redo made me change my mind on that!

Can I just add , that this project literally took me hrs and days! The paint was so hard to adhere to the suite case!

When I looked at the supposedly finished result!! I mean really!! That’s when it got pushed to the side!!

Originally I had decided that I didn’t want to paint the handle or it’s clasps so I taped them up with some masking tape! And proceeded with tbd painting… Soooo tedious of a job!!

When I painted tbd stripes (sorry I’ve no photos) Trust me I’ve spared you the horror

When I looked at the supposedly finished result!! I mean really!! That’s when it got pushed to the side!!

Taking the project back on again!

I painted out the grey stripes and gave it three more coats , and surprisingly the paint went on much better!

But this time I decided to just paint the whole lot handles clasps and all

I took some sandpaper and sanded the handle locks and side clasps … The edges also got a sanding ! Then I painted it again ( until I was happy ) and sanded again!!

What’s the project going to be used for?

So this little baby is going to be so functional! It’s going to house my Christmas present!!!! Whoot whoot ! Well temporally until we move!

My hubby bought me a Cricut for Christmas and it was just laying around the floor behind my sofa. I literally had no table no extra draw , I mean I had absolutely nowhere for my Cricut machine to go! It just collected dust behind the chair!!

I can’t express how happy I felt , everything just fitted into the suit case just perfectly…


Where does it go now!!!

Sometimes it’s hard to try fit things into areas when you don’t really have the space. So I had to find somewhere for it and make it look ok!

Well , the Cricut machine went right back in the spot where it was collecting dust! But now it had a house! I had nowhere else for it to go so it stays here under my window.. On the plus side, it’s easier to dust a suitcase than to dust the machine, winner!!

So not it just meant styling it, or around it!!

Well guys here’s my finished project I hope you liked the revamp…

Doesn’t a project look so different through out the day! If you switch on a light or open a blind or even when the glorious sun starts to move and cast shadows or illuminates brightness throughout the house!

Do you have a particular time of day that you love? You know that time of day when you find your self leaning towards running to a certain area item or place in your home because it’ brings a smile to your face and you just want to dwell in its beauty , for just a moment! Yep!! I do that a lot! For me I love it all day or night! I love the morning sun and the glow it brings through in certain rooms and then I love the night when tbd lamps go on and brings that settlement of peace and coziness after a long day!!

Don’t forget to go over to all the other participants and see what they have done for this revamp challenge!!







Styling around a tv

Hi all!! Welcome to another monthly challenge hosted by Terrie @decorateandmorewithtip .

Challenge: Styling around your tv console or mantle.

If you have just arrived on my page you have most likely just been over at Liberty’s blog from B4 and afters! I’m sure you got great inspiration over there! How cute was her styling!!

How difficult can it be to try style around a tv unit? Not difficult at all some would say but for me! Yep, it’s difficult I hate it! It can be so hard when you can’t figure it out right?

This month Terrie set the task , style your mantle or if you don’t have a mantle style your tv console!!

As much as I haven’t got much problems styling other areas in my home when it came to my tv areas I just ran away cause I hadn’t got space in my brain to think about it! Nothing ever seemed to looked right .. So this is how it looked before I took up the challenge…

Pretty plain Jane, hey?

So the first thing I decided to do was take everything off the wall and restart things again ( sorry I’ve don’t have any pictures of Pictures of the bare wall because my adorable husband admitted to deleting some photos to free up storage on my phone!!)

The deer head picture was a diy project I did last year! Not only am I in love with wreaths but I’m in love with anything deer headed , yep they are almost in all my rooms! The one that was in the original photo just didn’t seem to fit in over my tv and my hubby didn’t really like it in the spot, so that’s in my bedroom waiting to be hung!

So I took my diy deer head project from my bathroom where I originally had hung and decided to hang it above the tv , which to be honest I do like it better!

Then I rummaged through my shed and found these vintage wooden door mirrors which to be quite honest I had no idea where to hang them and was going to keep them for my next house and I wasn’t going to say , but I will, I had kinda forgot about these!!

Is anyone else like that ? Forget what you have ? If my hubby would have thrown them out I would have forgot about them!!

My problem is I throw nothing away and it makes my hubby go crazy sometimes!! I’m the kinda person who will try make something out of nothing… Ya know 🤷🏻‍♀️

The next thing was trying to find things to go around the tv and I wanted to keep the same look as the rest of the room which is kind a mix between vintage and French shabby chic … I simply used some of the decor that I already had like these candlestick holders. Being in lock down forces you to go with what you have on hand!! So I simply located them on the other-side of the tv console and added some floral!

Then I found these two table legs it chair legs I got them at my wood turning club and rescued them from the bin!

I also took the beads from my bedroom space where I used to just spread them at the end of our bed but now they have a purpose!! (Smiles) I just wrapped them around the table legs…

I used to have a little table in the corner with a lamp and some candles but I felt it made it all look like there was way to much was going on , so I had a little table and a vintage vase filled with faux floral hydrangeas that I up-cycled in my spare bedroom and just put it here in corner to add a bit of vintage flair!!

I then added some garland greenery and a little wooden freedom sign! I brush painted the freedom sign with some white chalk paint as I was doing some another project and I thought it turn out ok , a little more vintage!!

The very last thing I did was added some faux floras around the DVD box which I think made it it look a little better !

So here’s the finished look!! I hope it inspires some one and if I can do it, so can anyone!!

As always please check out all the other participants BELOW! for some fantastic inspiration!!

So right now you should be heading over to Patina and paint for some more stunning inspiration.

Well friends I hope you’ve enjoyed this months challenge and got some great inspiration from it and if so drop me a message or send me some of your photos

Be blessed all!!!


Spring Wreath

April Challenge!

Hi friend’s!!! Welcome to my April DIY challenge! I’m so excited ,yay!! because it’s a wreath!!

You have most likely arrived here from CD Living and what a beautiful wreath she has created!

Who else is in love with wreaths?

When our host Terrie from Decorate and more with Tip presented the monthly challenge (decorate a grapevine wreath and do anything you like with it) there was just no way I was backing out of this challenge,. Only thing was , I was unable to find a grapevine wreath in our shops so I had made my own !!

As usual, I’ve teamed up with some blogging buddies so don’t forget to check out all the other participants at the end of the post 😊

Before I go any further , if you haven’t checked out Terrie’s blog , you need to go follow her. I can’t express how much I adore this lady , she is amazing at everything she does ( no joking here) I can truly guarantee that you will find something that you will love and can create from her blog… You can find her here >>>>> http://www.decorateandmorewithtip.com

I’m a little OTT when it comes to wreaths . my house is full of them and peeps I mean FULL of them! Wether it’s a proper wreath or a picture with a wreath on it , I’m either gonna buy it or make it 😀

Ok on with the challenge !! After starting the project, I did discover that spotlight stores did stock the grapevine wreath but it was $20.00 and I’m sorry I’m not paying that for a wreath that has nothing on it , I just refuse!! So I decided to carry on with my own hand made one! You can check out the full details on how I actually make my wreaths in the link here How to make a wreath from scratch >>

Ive been making my wreaths out of grapevine fencing panels , they usually retail over here for $60-$70 or more but I picked up two for $6.00 at a garage sale years ago and at the time I had no idea what the hec I was buying them for. Most likely I bought them for fencing privacy in our last property. Then I found another alternative for them, yes, wreath making !!! You can see from the photo I was coming to the end of the fencing panel , so I hadn’t got much to work with as the end was getting thin and scrawny but how and ever I made it work…

I started to tie it together by bunching it an and squeezing it tightly together I was able to use the tie wire that was already on it but I also liked the look of the twine as it just adds a rustic look to it
Umm not looking too bad at all!
I don’t like to waste anything so as I was shaping it I decided not to cut the ends , so being Easter I was going to slightly shape it into an egg shape .. After Easter I can easily change it out.

So here’s my wreath which costed nothing and below is the one from spotlight. To be honest I think I prefare my own
$20.00 Nooooo way!!!!

When I started making this wreath , the stay inside and don’t go out unless you really need to policy had hit us. I always have plenty of faux flowers on hand so used some of what I had in Stock !! I always have plenty of greenery etc because I make a lot of wreaths and florals etc . Here are the florals I used.

Stem floral x 2
Greenery x 1
I’ve no idea what the greenery is called
I just remember loving it when I seen it!
Anyone else with me on that one ???
As you can see I’ve devided the whole stem in half . I didn’t want to cut the stems into individual pieces because I actually like this piece and I’ll reuse it in another project later on!!
I also divided one of the floral stems in half and didn’t cut that either!
Trailing faux floral x 1
Floral garland stem x 1
Egg nests x 3
A couple of these eggs
Egg sprig x 1
Tie wire and wire cutters
Quick hack!
Don’t throw away your natcho dip jar…
Wash it out , cut a whole in the lid and simply feed your twine through the hole..
This is a favourite hack of mine..

Sissors x 1
Don’t worry if it doesn’t have the added glue all over the handle , like mine does…
It won’t affect your project at all ( wink wink) added pun!! 😜

Ok, so let’s get moving on!

The first thing I did was added a twine tie to the top, held it up to see how it would hang. Then I laid it flat.
I divided the trailing floral stem into various sizes (as shown)
I proceeded with the first step of the wreath and positioned the floral garland were I liked it! It’s totally up to you how you do this!!
I tied the floral garland with the twine ( once it was in position )
Second step . I got the trailing floral stem that I cut up into various lengths and used the single flowers and positioned those in random places around the wreath.
I then took the floral stem the one in half and simply place it in position , slightly at an angle to the left
Once I positioned the floral stem I tied it .
Can you see how dividing the stem and not cutting it , leaves a gap in middle? You will see how this will come into play later on in the tutorial!
I did the exact same thing with the greenery stem as I did with the previous floral stem , halved it positioned it and tied it in place!!
I added the second floral stem but didn’t divide or bend it in half . I left it whole Nd just placed it above the greenery on tbd left hand side of my wreath!
Next step , I took the egg nest and the tie wire and cut a long enough length so I could feed it into the nest and then straight into the wreath to tie it in the desired area .. I did this with the three nests .. I did have to play around with this for a while.
I positioned the eggs!!
Remember the gap that I made from bending the floral and greenery stem? Well this created a little kind of of ledge so I could place the nests on .. Just perfect!!
This is an example of the length of the trailing floral I used for the bottom of the wreath .. I liked the length of the trail here!

Once I had the three little nests in place , I added some of the pieces of trailing floral that I previously cut up , and again I just placed them in random places but just at the bottom of the wreath!!
Then I placed the eggs in Random places on the wreath!

I hung the wreath to see how it looked before I did anymore to it!
Then I decided to add the egg sprig to the top left of the wreath!!

So guys below is the finished project!! Usually I make a more subtle wreath but this time I wanted to go larger than normal.. I wanted this wreath to be full of life and sprig time. I wanted it to represent a woodland feel and what spring would look like in the middle of a woodland with the little nests hidden away in a cluster of beauty and sunshine!!

The Theme! My favourite bird is a Robin red breast, have you ever seen how they build their nests? Well one year my neighbour had a flower planter on her front window ledge, it was just beautiful. In the very center of the clusters of blooms was a little robins nest with its little eggs!! A sight I’ll never forget!! In this challenge I wanted to replicate that in my wreath and I think I simply did this here!!

I moved the wreath around the house to see where I wanted to keep it and I think this spot works best !! I’m forever doing that now lol!! Moving things around!!

Take a look at Patina and paint below how elegant is that wreath?

So guys as usually , make sure and check all the links below!

Be blessed all!!


Valentines DIY Challenge.

It’s weird! I never really decorate for Valentines! I usually just cook a nice dinner , light a few candles, watch a romantic movie, buy my hubby a little special gift and a card . I’m sure you get the drift! I like to just create a nice atmosphere and that’s really about it for Valentine’s Day for me!!

This month our host Terrie from  @decorateandmorewithtip decided that since this challenge is in February let’s do something hearts 🙂 literally anything hearts from diy to food , anything at all!! And as usual all my blogging buddies links are below, so you have to check them out!!

So now all of a sudden I’m liking the valentines decor but I don’t have anything that’s valentine teamed in my home except for a few hearts that’s permanently scattered through out the house all year long!!

How and ever all I seem to want to do now is valentine themed stuff so this will be my very first hearts/valentines diy project!!

But I’m keeping it simple…

The Challenge!

I had idea what I was going to do until I spotted all these little things all over my garden and street!!

I have absolutely no idea what you call these but I’m sure they came from either one of the trees in my neighbours yard or in the middle of the verge outside my house.

It’s hard to explain the texture because they feel like little pieces of wood!! I’m sure the cars driving by would have laughed and wondered what the hec I was doing picking up these pieces of so called rubbish , but I didn’t see rubbish I only saw beauty and a project

So here we go!

These are the pieces.

So I get an old bucket and wash them in soapy water! Oops you can see a leaf or two in there!!!

Then I rinsed them off to get all the suds and sand from them (Did I tell you I live on an Island ? Everything gets so sandy here because everything is built on sand)

After rinsing them I then had to leave them in the sun to dry off…

Ummm! They seemed to be much brighter looking since I washed them , which I like ..

I tried bleaching some as you can see below but it took a day and I didn’t want the cost of the bleach as this project is supposed to be money friendly! Plus I’m not sure if I truly like the bleached look for this particular project! (See below)

I had a diy wreath in my craft box which was given to me from a neighbour. It was one of those diy wreaths which came with little felt Christmas items. I put those away as I only needed the wreath and my local store had none in stock. It’s a little old and tacky but you want notice it when the project is completed…

When all the little wooden tree petals were completely dry I grabbed my glue gun and glue and just started to glue the petals onto the wreath one by one…

I glued them in bunches of fours and fives starting at the top , then the bottom and moving into the sides then started filling in the gaps so it would all look evened out..

I then started to fill in the outside and inside if the wreath making sure I filled in all the gaps so you couldn’t see any white styrofoam!

I then used some red and cream stock card that I had on hand

I was going to use my new Cricut maker that I got for Christmas to cut out the hearts but decided to cut them by hand after all it is a diy project and I wanted to show how easy it is to cut the hearts by hand . It didn’t take too long. I just kept folding and drawing hearts and then hand cut the hearts out of the card.

I had some beige burlap ribbon that I used in a few other projects. I turn the wreath around do the back side of it was now facing me and just glued the burlap to the wreath so I could easily hang it.

I used 20 inches so I could double up on the burlap… I made sure I checked out the position I wanted it to hang before I glued the burlap to the back of the wreath.

You can cut your own desired length at all , what ever suited your space!!

At the back of the burlap I glued a small loop of twine right at the top so I could hang it straight.

I also so added a piece across the back of the wreath just for an added feature on Wreath! ( that was just a moment of inspiration, not planned at all lol! )

I turned it back around so it was facing me and then I added some love heart cut outs to the burlap!! First I just wanted simple red then I decided to add some smaller white in the middle and then I decided to put even smaller red on the white hearts so this was three layers of hearts . The smaller the hearts got, the harder they were to cut .. but perseverance is the key , if I can do it then anyone can!!!

Can you see how small that heart is compared to the others beside it? Yep! It’s pretty small…

I really wanted something very simple and I think this turned out exactly that way…

I then added some of the cut out hearts to the burlap, then randomly scattered the hearts around the whole wreath . I tried to make it as pretty as possible without going over board.

As you can see on the part that I’m using to hang the wreath, I put heart within a heart within a heart!!

Hearts galore!!! Lol!

And more hearts!

And even more hearts!!

I hope you liked the simplicity of this project . Anyone can do this! You can use card to make the petals or wood chippings or dried leaves!

Finished project!

Things I used!

I just worked with what I had!


Pen or pencil

Glue gun and glue

Red twine

Burlap ribbon

Red and white card stock

Wreath ( styrofoam )

Wood petals or wood chippings

Happy project making peeps!

Be sure to check out all my blogging buddies below and see what they came up with for their heart challenge projects, as usual you want be disappointed!!

Have a great day all!



Jessica B Simmons
Cloches and Lavender
Blessings by Me
Patina and Paint


Barn House Mess

Thrift Store Find January

Well hello friends , this is my very first challenge for the new year January 2020

Wow! It’s hard to believe that a year has went by so fast, Yikes!!!

I’ve teamed up again with some of my blogging buddies hosted by the beautiful Tara from Stilettosandshiplap and Emily from LeCultivateur. If you haven’t already checked out Taras and Emilys blog’s , you need to go and check them out. These ladies have tons and tons of great diy’s that you will just love! I have also linked all the participants who I’ve teamed up with below so be sure to check out there finds!!!

The Challenge!

A few years back I purchased some louvred doors that I used in my bedroom, but hid a couple in the shed, as one does , well me anyway, ( I have to hide everything from my hubby)

Sooo after Christmas while pulling the shed around obviously to make space for the new Christmas decor I purchased , ( quote quote ) my hubby spotted the two louvered doors and said “ok its time for them to go” I’m like “noooo , I can use those” He’s like “where” I’m like “oh somewhere” “He is like scratching his head at this stage as he is reminding me of the New Years resolution that I just made two weeks previous and I’m already ready breaking it lol!! Oh well!

When Tara and Emily set the challenge date , I had something completely different planned for this challenge … So today I decide to get cracking on those two doors and prove my hubby wrong, not that I’m out to get him or anything because he is just amazing and is willing to help me at a drop of a hat!! But sometimes he is right I keep onto things forever and a day!!

Here are the louvered doors in their original state.

I used two part Rustoleum white linen chalk paint to one part water and then rubbed it all over with an old damp cloth added paint and taking it off until I got my desired look… You can’t go wrong or over do it , this is actually for the ameture, just keep working it until you love it..

Chalk paint drys in minutes so you can decorate it straight away, yay!!! Just be a little careful as to not scratch it if your your working on it straight away.i usually recommend that 72 hrs is best because it’s starting to really cure but it does take a few weeks to properly cure. I didn’t wax theses pieces or seal them because I love them as is!

Decorating the doors

Adding the Cupid wings

My favourite part for sure… I decided to use my little Cupid wings that I had in my bedroom as it’s drawing near to Valentine’s Day , well I really don’t care as I think I’ll be keeping them right here!! 🙂

Adding the wreath

Then I put on the wreath that I hand made myself. The wreath is made from scratch out of stuff in my garden but the flowers are faux , I’m not at the stage of making my own flowers and I had mom to dry out!! You can find the tutorial on how I made this here >>> How to make a wreath from scratch

Adding the corbols

I purchased these for wooden corbols two years ago and never had a place for them. So I decided to add here !! These also came out of the shed.. So I recon my hubby will be happy with this! ( two less items in the shed yippee! More space for new stuff. Wink wink ) 🙂 I just tied them through the louveres as the corbols had a little hinge on the back of the so it made them easy to hang…

Adding the candles

I added some battery operated candles , you know the wax ones with the flame effect!! These are awesome and I purchased tons of these from TK Maxx .. these are handy when you living in a hot country which I live in Australia .

The finished product

So guys I’m so happy with the outcome I’ve achieved here! And it’s completely made the room look cosy… I’m going to have my lounge recovered but that’s after the new kitchen goes in and the tiles come up.. (imagine the dust) So bad idea to have hat done before the messy works … I think it’s going to blend in well when I do get the lounge reupholstered and the new rug!! What I love about this as well is that the doors have seemed to take away the ugly look from the brick wall that has been partially removed. We could never do anything with it as we knew it was a matter of time before we fixing up the kitchen so we didn’t want any extra expense,after all this a renovation that we never planned to live in…

So for $10 each door, I think I’ve transformed the room. Here is the finished product and the second picture below is the original way it looked…


So previously I had these two metal wall decor pieces which I do still love.. I’m just going to have to find somewhere else for them or just put them away until we move to our new home!

Well folks I hope you all enjoyed my simple DIY . It’s so simple to turn an ugly piece into a focal point and snazzy up a room for a few bucks.. Don’t forget to check out all the links below for some talented inspiration.










DIY Dollar Tree Challenge by

Hi all! I’m so excited with this months challenge because it’s all christmassy yay!! I can’t believe that a year has gone by so fast , I mean as fast as zoom!!! Rather shocking really .. I’m not a lover of the saying that my grandma used to say ” The older you get the faster time goes by” naw!! I’d rather just pretend I’m not ageing and time is just flying by lol!!! But I’m not getting a day older, yep I’m sticking with that one!!!

Christmas has always been my favourite time of year and our beautiful and talented host Terrie has once again come up with a wonderful challenge for this month which happens to be a tree from the Dollar Tree store.

If you haven’t already checked her out , you need to go and you will find her here http://www.decorateandmorewithtip.com ….you won’t be disappointed!!!

Don’t forget to check out all the other participants which I have linked at the end.

The Challenge!

Purchase a tree from the dollar store… Unfortunately we don’t have a dollar store in Australia but we do have a similar store but it doesn’t sell the trees that Terrie wanted us to use for the challenge. Terrie allowed me to use one that I thrifted so I could be in this challenge.

So my tree costed $5.00 , not very much hey!!!

So here’s my tree below in its full glory before I got to work on it. I used the tree on the right for this project because it’s a little less fluffy…

I wanted to use the idea from an instagramme account I love and follow. But mine is a dressed up version of hers as she didn’t decorate hers at all .. She titles her her project , Skinny tree

The first thing I do to make my tree skinny is start by cutting all the branches .. I kept mine to approximately 1/2″inch as I didn’t want it to look like a scolded cat!! but you can go as skinny or thick as you wish!! I just used an ordinary sissors for this and had no dramas… It took a bit of time but I got there in the end and it wasn’t that bad!!!

Just before the cutting stage I didn’t have a clue what I was going to do but somehow I manage to put the tree right beside a basket that was destined for the shed !! The reason it was going to the shed is because I purchased it two years ago and never used it but when the tree landed beside it, I said what the hec! I’ll use that!

In the bottom of the basket was some rope that I purchased last year as I was going to use for a shelving idea I had but didn’t get around to it so low and behold my project was unfolding before my very eyes!!! Oh and a bonus was that this rope has lights on it 😊

As I’m looking around the house to see what else I could use to dicky this project up I noticed a box of maybe 20 poinsettias which I usually use as a shirt for my tree!!! But because I’m getting my house ready for a sale I didn’t want to clutter the house up with lots of Christmas decor.. At the moment I have some off market people viewing the house…

I’m such a lover of poinsettias and literally would put them everywhere in my house…I really didn’t want to put these back into storage so what better motive did I have to keep them out , hey , just use them on my project !!!

So I needed something to give my tree some height, so I used a bowl from my cubbard.

I used some baubles that I had on hand

And I used three little poinsettia flowers. And a small pine cone as a tree topper!

So firstly I put the bowl in the basket for some height


Then I add all the poinsettias ( I used five) I put them around the bowl and they fitted perfectly…

I then placed the tree in the middle!

I started to decorate it with the rope… I used two ropes for this tree ..

Then the baubles and tree topper went on! And whoopa!!! My project was finished!! Simple but effective and I had everything on hand all I purchased was the $5.00 tree…

Hope I have given you some if only even a little inspiration today!!

Don’t forget to pop over to the other participants just click on there links…

Be blessed all and Merry Christmas!!!


First I want to show you this tree from Jessica isn’t it just so cute and elegant and would fit in to almost any space

Jessica – Jessica Welling Interiors

And then there is this pretty project from Michelle from blessings by me.. who would ever of thought of turning a tree into something so pretty!

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Thrift store challenge September

Hi all (waves) Welcome to another thrift store challenge hosted by my blogging buddy Tara!

As usual the rules are that the item can be purchased from a thrift store, garage sale or it can be an item found at a curb etc , you get the picture!!! . Or it can be simply something that you have thrifted a while back and is lying around your house..

Other than drawing closer to the end of my renovations these challenges get me so excited , they have become my little break away from the madness of this renovation and actually these challenges feel like a breath of fresh air if you get what I’m saying!!! Moving on 🙂

This months challenge is this little dough bowl (pictured below) that I found at a thrift store for only $10. I’ve spent a lot of time debating on wether or not I should paint it but and after a whopping five months , yep only five months, Ive decided to just leave it as is .. So to be honest it’s not very exciting , the only exciting thing about it is the purchasing price, as I scored it for only ten bucks and these usually retail at around $100

Sometimes we come across bargains that just don’t need to be up cycled but purely just loved and styled.. Have you ever looked at something that you’ve thrifted and wondered why someone didn’t want it ? Well in this case I did exactly that , wondered why it ended up in this shop…. As my friend and I headed to the counter to pay for our goods she made it very clear that if she had spotted the dough bowl first seen the item first that she would have wiped it up … My friend couldn’t believe I got it for 10 bucks!!!

One day I might paint it but for now I’m just going to love it and leave it just as it is!! I feel that this thrifted throw away in its present state can blend into many of my rooms just as it is , for now anyways!! Right now I’m using it in my bedroom…

As always I am leaving all my other blogging buddies links below so be sure to check them out.. They are amazing!!!! 🙂

Here is how I styled the little dough bowl by just adding some simple pumpkins and faux flowers!!!

As always I am leaving all my other blogging buddies links below so be sure to check them out.. They are amazing!!!! 🙂







July Thrift Store Find

Hello everyone my thrift store find for July has brought me great excitement!!

I’m just loving teaming up with some of my awesome and talented blogging friends!! And once again our beautiful host Terrie @decorateandmorewithtip has set the challenge again with an item of our choice but must be within a reasonable budget!! We where allowed use a thrift store marketplace or a garage sale.. I used marketplace!

If I told you that all I spent on this challenge was a whopping 10 bucks would you believe it? Because I just couldn’t believe I found this table for only $10 … Oh and by the way it had four chairs!! I didn’t like the chairs so I just used 4 chairs that I had in my storage!!

Y’all know I’m doing a renovation job and this Reno is only a tiny house.. We were renting for seven years , wow where does the time go , hey?

Anyhow in our last house we had two dining tables and two lounges etc I won’t bore you all with the details , but during the the move my beautiful table top got damaged and my other dining room set was way too big to keep using and I was a little worried it would get damaged during the renovations, so I sold it!!

I was thinking about making a table top as I already had the pedastal left but then this little table came up and I thought yay!! For 10 bucks , that will do me for now!!

So as you can see below it wasn’t a very pretty sight but I recon I could make it work with a little TLC 🙂

I’ll be honest it actually looked better in the photo add than it did in person, but I bought it anyhow as I just needed a quick fix for when the kiddos come and stay!

So I got to sanding the top with my belt sander and orbital sander , I made sure to use a fine grit as I didn’t want to sand it too much! I then finished off with a fine grit by hand!

I then used two coats of rustoleum java gel to stain it. You can see that the first coat has darkened it a lot but not as dark as I wanted.. I wanted to get the tone as close as possible to match all my other wood decor! By the way peeps, java gel by Rustoleum is only supped to be used over chalk paint but I’ve always been a girl to break the rules and my moto is if it works then it works!!! 🙂

when it dried I then used three coats of Annie Sloan dark wax! I’m kinda sorry that I didn’t use the rustoleum top coat rather than the Annie Sloan dark wax.

Using the Annie Sloan wax didn’t really hold up to the wear and tear, and that was just after only one day but it still looks great, I’m just fussy and notice everything, I’m pretty sure no one else would notice the little marks but I do , so I’m recommending that you use the rustoleum top instead!!!

So I painted the pedastal with rustoleum in the colour white .. I just love this product !!! I used three coats only because I wanted a full coverage .. Please note that I did sand in between each coat lightly with a fine grit sandpaper and then when it had fully dried I put one coat of Rustoleum top coat for protection!

I took out for of my chairs from storage that I previously purchased on market place two years ago .. Yep that’s right two years ago, I can’t believe that next month I’m into two years of renovations phew!!! When I purchased the chairs and table ( the one that the top got destroyed during the move) I also purchased some material to recover the chairs.. Oh! And yes that material was also purchased two years ago and also at clearance!! 🙂 I will have to recover them at a later day as time was not on my side to get them covered for this challenge…

I have to say guys that this months thrift challenge has really got me moving on my chair project which I’ve been putting off for two years , so can you imagine how happy I am right now! During summer we could use our outdoor space for eating but now we are in the middle of our Australian winter so we have been eating off our laps because it’s just way to cold to dine outside!!! The joys of renovation lol!!!

I managed to get my old chairs painted which I used my paint spray gun.. I did three coats as I wanted no streaks (umm!! Unusual for me because I’m a lover of chippy paint) I purchased the cheapest spray gun and the chairs came out silky white … Loving them 🙂 I didn’t care about prepping or using tape to guard the material as I’m recovering them…

So here is my finished table , I’m thinking it turned out pretty good for a $10 find!! How about you?

Don’t forget to drop over to my other blogging buddies and check them out!! All their links are below …They always have something amazing to share!

Have a great day all!!






July clearance challenge

I’ve teamed up again with some blogging friends to do a clearance challenge this month!

I want to thank Emily over at LeCultivateur for hosting this months clearance challenge so make sure to check get out I’ve added her link below!

So please make sure you check out all the other participants below , they are truly all amazing!

I almost didn’t make this challenge because I haven’t been shopping for clearance items lately… But how and ever it just happened that we needed to go buy a new bedside lamp for my hubbies side table! But with me both lamps have to be marching!! No debate about that… Right now money isn’t quite growing on our trees yet! 🙂 So I decided that it best to just change the broken switch!! So I set off to my local hardware store and picked one up but looking at the price my jaw dropped to my knees , Whaaaaat $20 for a little switch nooooo!! I can’t pay that!! Anyways I had too I had no other option! BUT!! 🙂 just before I went to pay for it there was a clearance rack and this girl had to go check it out and low and behold a marble lamp was on sale for $10. Marked down from $62 so I’m thinking I’ll just take the switch off this and use it for my beside lamp and discard the marble lamp base as it’s not my style … I’m like yep!! Your coming home with me.. So back to the shelf with the $20 switch and into the basket with the $10 lamp.

So I took the lamp out of the box and removed the switch. I just cut it off with a sissors as there was no way of dismantling it…

I’m thinking oh dear I can’t throw you in the bin let me see what I can use you for.

So I’m thinking YES!! You are going to be a candlestick holder!! And I know where your going to go!!

So peeps it’s just a simple project , not a big deal but I still got to kill two birds with one stone for $10!! I didn’t have to do anything with it but just simply style it!!

Here is my simple finished project and I’m liking it and glad I didn’t throw it away!!

Now you can pop over to all the links below and see what all the other ladies have done and get some great ideas and tips!! 🙂

Terrie, Decorate And More With Tip

Dori, This Full Life 5

Emily, LeCultivateur

July Stacked Book Challenge

Hi all!! well I’m back again with another challenge given by our wonderful host Terrie @decorateandmorewithtip. You can find her link below! You will LOVE her!!!!!

This months challenge is going to be for all those stacked book lovers out there. So the challenge is that we must use three books and do what ever we like with them! Yay! So guys I’ve teamed up again with some amazing and talented ladies! And boy are they talented so be sure to check them out, I’ve left all links to them at the end of this post!

Well I’ve been wanting to do another few chalk painted white books for my bedroom, so this challenge turned out perfect for me!

Items I purchased

  1. A few hard back books from my local thrift store for $3.00.
  2. A small roll of white burlap $2.00
  3. A black sharpie marker $2.00
  1. A small letter stencil $2.99

Items I had on hand

  1. White chalk paint
  2. Twine
  3. Gold ribbon
  4. Glue gun
  5. Metallic paint
  6. Sugar soap ( I always have this product under my sink)

So I first wiped the books down with a damp clothe and some sugar soap to make sure there was no grease on them. This product is so awesome guys I just love it!!

I left them to completely dry and got to the painting part…

This time I used a sharpie pen to trace out the letters and then just coloured them in by using the sharpie pen!! It’s so much easier than trying to dab the stencil with paint… I used self adhesive stencils (bonus) 🙂

Tip! No leakage, no washing the stencil and much faster if your a busy person like me!

I decided I wanted to put the burlap on the top , yep, just to be different from the other twenty books I’ve painted lol!! Yes you read that right , twenty!!!

Because the books are for my bedroom I took a favourite scripture of mine from Job 33 v 15-18 … I thought what better scripture could one have next to their pillow .. I put the scripture reference on the burlap and then just narrowed down the scripture to When deep sleep falls! This scripture talks about how God comes upon man in deep sleep and reviles things to us. This scripture is also very detailed in telling us that God let’s us know through dreams when we wrong do! Yes that’s right !! Therefore through the dream we can correct ourself , isn’t God awesome!!!

I wrapped the burlap around the books so they would stay stacked and in place then I used some twine and gold ribbon around the books to add some character and I also glued a piece of the gold ribbon at the top front of each book, I thought this looked nice. Here are the stenciled books

So this is how I styled my finished project . Let me know what you think?

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Thrift store challenge makeover

So friends, I have teamed up again with some talented ladies (Make sure to check them out I’ve added all the links below)

I am just so excited about this months thrift store challenge because I found this item for $20.00… I don’t think I’m going to find a bargain like this ever again.. This is definetly what you call a score!

It was a little grubby but not not much scratches on it. This is one of my items that I got to work on the very next day after I purchased it. Sorry guys, my hubby lost the original photo before i started to sand it!!!

The first thing I did was wash it all over with sugar soap (inside and out) I then sanded the top with my belt sander , orbital sander and then some really fine sandpaper, and used my special tool which was just a little teeny bit of elbow grease , no hard core sanding!!!

I completely sanded the top part only .

I started with the top and put two coats of wattyl interior one step stain and varnish in satin and the colour was walnut. To be honest I didn’t really like the texture so I lightly sanded it and went over it with Annie Sloan dark wax… Now this I loved and it seemed to match in with all the other items that’s I have refurbished in my home…

I then put two coats of white chalk paint from Canterbury blue and put it in my lounge area . I didn’t like the coverage so I used one more coat of chalk paint from Rust-Oleum and then used Annie Sloan clear wax as it’s sealer.

I have to say that I really love how it turned out, it’s not perfect but it’s me.. It’s such a big change from the dark one I had and don’t get me wrong I absolutely loved my dark TV unit but I’m going to be selling this house and I needed something a little brighter in this small house…

So below is my new TV stand and I’m loving the size of it. I feel it fits perfect into my home and blending in with the look that I’m trying to achieve!! I haven’t fully decorated it yet as I like to take my time and not rush with styling plus apart from the TV I can never decide fast enough in what I want to put on it..

Don’t forget to check out all the other participants below , you are going to love them all!!




Thrift Store Challenge: Rustic Bench



June Anthropologie Basket Challenge!

Hi everyone! Our beautiful and talented host Terrie atdecorateandmorewithtip.com asked me to team up in this months challenge  again with some amazing ladies to do an Anthropologie basket challenge. Make sure to check out the links below to see what they came up with!

The challenge So the challenge was to make our baskets resemble the one on the picture below. I have to say it looked easy but boy it ended up being hard from the very start, therefore this project certainly lived up to its name challenge! and challenge it was!! Well as you can see mine didn’t quite come out like it. From the very start I was unable to come across the jute rope and when I did finally find it, it was just far to expensive so plan A went out the door.. So plan B was actioned!

My project is my laundry basket which was heading for the shed for its retirement or heading for the trash then my mind was changed when I was asked to team up in the challenge! As you can see below it’s not a pretty site hey?

below is the one that we needed to replicate. Umm! Mine came out nothing like it but how and ever I continued on, after all I did start it and I was on a mission to finish it regardless how it was going to end up like!

Since I newly gutted and renovated the bathroom I needed something that would blend in with the look!

Making the lid The first thing it needed which it didn’t have , was a lid… I purchased some plywood for $7.00 and got my hubby to cut a circle shape with his jig saw to fit the right size of the basket.

I had this little wooden trim that I purchased from a craft shop for $3.00 and decided to use it in the centre of the lid so I could use around the handle. I also decided to only paint the middle section of the lid where the little wooden trim would go because the rest of the lid would have rope around it!

I placed the trim piece in the centre so I knew where to glue my first piece of rope. I once I had my first piece of rope glued I was able to remove the wooden trim to glue the remainder rope making sure I was glueing it tight together so I could see no gaps and continued in a circle till I wrapped all the plywood lid with rope.

I then glued on the wooden trim and drilled a hole in the centre and placed a little glass handle that I had left over from another project!

I got my hubby to make me some wooden pieces that I could glue underneath the lid so it would stop it from sliding off. That was the lid completed.

Painting the Laundry Basket

When I finished glueing the rope around the lid I gave it a quick coat of white linen chalk paint! I was already painting up some furniture pieces so why not give it a fresh coat right? Sorry about the painted hands but what’s a girl gotta do when she is working lol!

I then decided to paint the bottom part basket in the same colour as I painted my bathroom wall. I decided to spray paint the top half in chrome.

Weaving the wool/Macramme around the basketI decided to weaves one wool that I had around the top of the basket. I first glued a piece of rope around the top leaving some spaces so could insert the wool to start the weave. I simply just looped the wool around the glued rope. I used two pieces of wool for a thicker look and i doubled the length of the wool by the length of the basket so I wouldn’t run out, but I did!!!! I paid around $2.00 for the spool of wool in a thrift store around three years ago and this is the first time I used it , which I’m happy 🙂

I had no idea how to do this so I took an idea from you tube and wasn’t successful so I decided to just use the simple net look which is pretty easy to do and just use my head to work out the pattern I got here

I wanted the pattern to be on the top half of the basket so I glued a piece of rope around the center of the basket as a guide so I could work the pattern to the centre point.

Well as you can see from below my basket went in an opposite direction to what I wanted it to turn out like and that’s ok because with DIY projects sometimes they just take on a different dimension than you planned.

At the end of the day I’m happy with my achievement and I’m thinking it’s going to blend in very well with the decor in my bathroom .. Sometimes we just have to go with the flow.. And this was one of those times. (Plus I did already have a basket that looks like the one we were replicating!)

Products I used for the project.

Glue gun and glue rope, chrome spray , wool , wooden trim and glass handle. I used some left over paint from my bathroom wall colour, it was too big of a tub to fit in this photo! Therefore any water based paint will work ok!

The final look

This is how I’ve styled it

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Thrift Store Challenge

Hi all!  I’ve been asked to join a thrift store challenge with a wonderful and talented group of ladies so be sure to check out their finds and what they have done! I’ll add all their links at the end.

The rules are to find an item thrifted and show how you can use it in our home!

Anybody that know’s me well, will know how much I love thrift stores and believe me I will go to them everyday. I just LOVE! them so much!!

So myself and a good friend of mine went further afield to some new thrift stores and boy did I come home with lots of stuff..

I have no idea why I went for these three trays but how and ever I thought to myself yep! I can easily do something with these.. As you can see from the back of them I picked them up for little or nothing.. $4.50 for all three trays BARGIN!!! I also picked up this little wooden ribbon for 50c and a black family sign for 50c but I forgot to take a photo before I chalk painted it. I also picked up ten hard back books for $5.00 which I painted and got to stenciling my favourite scripture onto them! (I used them in a few of the photos)

So I get started on painting the trays and the ribbon or bow what ever one wishes to call it.. I used my favourite chalk paint!

When the paint dried I decided to stencil all around them with a metallic paint that I have on hand called Wattyl aged metal.. I love this product!!

The stenciling didn’t take me that long but as I moved along I seemed to be getting a little better at it!! I then decided to go over it in certain areas with my serenity blue Rust-oleum chalk paint, and I loved that idea!! For a change I also painted small strokes around the inside of the tray and around the edges with the serenity blue to give that shabby chic look rather than sand them.

Then I decided that I wanted to make them into a tier tray and I used some old table legs that I had been keeping for around 6 years!! I knew I wanted to use them one day but didn’t know what on! And whoopa now I have a reason to repurpose them!! I cannot throw away anything! So I get going on painting those also…

I used my chop saw to chop them down to the size I wanted. I also reused the tops which I painted white and used these for the four little feet for my bottom tier! I used my glue gun to glue them onto the bottom tier.. I tried my best to use the ends that would screw together to make it easier for myself.

I had pre measured the middle of each tray and drilled a small hole in the middle where I had marked.

I then screw it all together and got to styling it with some of my favourite stuff!

I loved adding some of my favourite items to the trays!

I love this scripture I stenciled on the books which will probable make it into my bedroom at some stage 🙂


I think I’m pretty happy with the look I’ve achieved for my entry way for only $10.50 😊

Don’t forget to check out all the links below to see what these lovely ladies have come up with and happy thrifting to all the thrifters out there!!!

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Spring Thrift Store Challenge.

You have heard it said that one mans junk is another mans treasure. Well let me tell you guys, truer words have never been spoken!

I’ve teamed up with some very talented ladies to come up with something that I could find in a thrift store and style it or repurpose it!! Well as most of my friends know that would just have me jumping with excitement (Happy dance going on right now) Yehaw!!!

Sorry let’s get back to the challenge item!!!

Who would ever think that one would spot something from a distance and the charge like a crazy lady whilst almost  knocking down any one that got in the way of my direct line of charge!

Well here is the item in its full glory!

As you can see it was very dark and gloomy and in its state I would never have used it in my home. When I found this item I was out thrift store shopping with a very good friend. While she shops for expensive vintage finds for resale for her shop, on the other hand I shop for items I can paint or repurpose and sell it on or in my case most times keep ( I have a hard time parting with stuff)

I purchased the the picture frame for a whopping $10 (Yay bargain) I already had the chalk paint and some dollor tree eggs that I purchased like 10 years ago, well ok not 10 but at least 4 and then I used some berry fonds that fell from my Alexander palm which I made the nest from!

Here is the finished product which took only a few hours to complete!

Nothing screams more spring than little bird eggs right!!!

I started off with chalk painting the whole frame and picture!

Here above is the berry fonds that fell from my tree.. I just dry these out in the sun for a short time and use them for multiple things in my home.

These are the items I used that I have in my home!

Paint of course 😊

Toothpicks for the eggs

Annie Sloan round paint brush

Glue gun

Styrofoam eggs

Styrofoam eggs which I painted with the wattyl aged metal effect bronze… Did I mention this product was on clearance two years ago!! Don’t believe when there is a use by date!! As you can see that my little bronze eggs came out perfect!

So I painted the frame and picture and then made the nest from the berry fonds by just cutting a length and tying it together with some gold thread. I then painted the eggs with rust-oleum chalk paint in serenity blue and the bronze metal effect colour. I then used the toothpicks so I could position it all the way I wanted and then used my glue gun to glue it all together!!

Now we can move on to see how I styled it and were I’m using it

So as you can see I’ve decided to use it mainly in my bathroom! Although I have some Easter pictures that I also made, I can take those away now that Easter is over and I can still use my little beauty for the remainder of Spring

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!!

Happy thrifting to all my thrifting friends!!

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Room makeover


I did a little make over on our bedroom this week and I have to say that I’m just loving the vibe it gives every time I walk in this room.. I had to try make it look a bit cosy for now. This room will get an addition onto it , well eventually, but definitely not before Christmas.

I will most likely change it up a bit for Christmas and do a little Christmas decorating. 😊 I know I just can’t help myself. Anyways this pic is really just a sneak peak as I’m thinking of changing out the louvre doors on either side of the bed. And need to get the curtains up , before Christmas I hope. Stay tuned for a new reveal soon

Finishing the bathroom renovation. Week 2

I can’t believe how fast this room is moving along. Feels like we have got so much done. The walls are up and plastered the new ceiling and coven is up and I love it , the tiles are half down and the shower has been put in. Today the plasterer comes back to sand the walls and tomorrow I’m off to pick out paint for the walls. Eventually the window will get changed but that will happen when we decide on what windows we want. I. Suppose it all just takes time and patience, which I’m not good at patience when it comes to home styling and decorating. I just want it all now haha!! Whose with me? Here are a few pics of this weeks progress.

Finishing the bathroom renovation. Week 1

This bathroom seems to go on for ever and ever and this gal is getting so fed up with the length of time it is taking. Between trying to get the back yard prepped for new grass and prepping the patio area, we decided to just leave everything else alone and finish this bathroom mess. I’m pretty pretty sure that the hold up was due to none of us wanting to rip up the floor tiles and remove the wall tiles , so , I got moving on it and that set the task in motion. Hubby started ripping down the walls once the tiles got removed , the plumber got moving on the plumbing and whoopa!! progress started again.. We decided on a mission impossible task to get this bathroom finished in 4 weeks but we do only have weekends to work on it so this will be a challenge for sure . I have to say that this was such a back breaking job, the floor tiles was those weeny weeny tiny old tiles that you just don’t see anymore and where we had taken the wall down between the bathroom and toilet had terracotta tiles on the other side and let me tell you , those tiles were concreted down I’m sure .. Anyways here is a few pics from week 1

Sneak peek at our new floors.

I’m kinda having a love hate relationship with our new floors and boy oh boy am I so undecided on wether to keep them or not. I’m questing that when all the furniture is in place and out new super gorgeous rug goes down I might just start loving them , if not I’ll lift them up and use them in the bedrooms. We got some temporary trims up around our windows which myself and hubby did and I just love them and when we replace the windows I definitely be doing the same trims .. We don’t see these trims much in Australia but so be it I love them none the less .


Hi all its been a while since I’ve posted anything because we came to a bit of a stand still because my hubby has been working so hard and not arriving home till after 7pm some evenings.

But YAY!! I’m so excited that our bathroom is under way. This week I ripped up all the tiles and that gave hubby a bit of kick start in getting our bathroom done..

Here are a few photo’s of the before pics and laying our first tile.. I’m hoping that in two weeks or maybe three weeks , we will have it finished , time permitting of course! I’m just so over the moon to get this room started purely because it’s the worst room in our little house.

Everything you see in these pics will be ripped out. It’s pretty hard when we only have 1 bathroom, but we are working around it. We have taken down the wall between the toilet and bathroom to make one big room or should I say 1 bigger room..

Stay tuned for the reveal 🙂


Well everything here has come to a standstill . The Christmas was so busy and all I want to do is take a break before we start out next project .. it was so hard today to try motivate myself to do anything because today was such a scortcher of a day . Well I decided to just chill out and do scone computor stuff . Yep lol! That’s what I did for the whole day . I was checking out the room trying to decide where I’d hang the pictures and what drapes will o use etc well I ended up in a snap happy mood

Happy Wednesday guy”Ss

Lounge Wall Removal

We were debating wether or not to remove the wall in the lounge . It was kinda a bit of a will we won’t we , but when our electrician came out to do some work , well let me just say that will we won’t me led to another decision and we actually had to remove part of that wall so he could wire up stuff . Well that was it, decision was made and the whole wall came down. Here are a few before pics of the demo

Finally Bed Time

Well Guys its bed time all the way over here in Australia in the O’Connor house hold. It was a public holiday today which gave hubby a day off work, oh let me just clarify that guy’s , a day off work but not a day off in the O’Connor household work place . I mean comon how would the reno’s get done if my poor one and only took a rest.

Well let me get on with what we done this weekend. We were offered to a pool party and then my hubby forgot and ordered machinery and crusher dust and garden bark and so on so on. Well we decided to give the party a miss. After paying all that money out for skips and machines we just couldn’t justify not using it. All I can say now is that im so glad we decided to stay home and work on the renos because right now i can hear the sound of rain absolutely pouring down. earlier on in the day it began to rain which led us in and out of the house to to dodge the rain drops, but we seen time going on and decided to just get out and get the work done. Right now my arms and shoulders are aching like crazy from digging and shoveling ,oh, and planting, yep I do like that part.

Hubby had me wearing his nail bag so I could easily managing the nail and hammering and boy was it hot, especially yesterday.

Hubby got to digging and removing all the soil and pebbles from the back yard with hia new little rented stand up bob cat machine

I even got stuck in too and did a little bit of helping with pegging out for the shed slab.

Slab Prep

Well as I said at the start , I’m in bed now so I thought i’d give a little update. I’d like to spend a little bit more time but eyes wont allow it. Anyone got any matchsticks ? This gal need some lol!!

Good night all , hopefully ill get more pics up tomorrow.

Love to all


Morning cuppa with a happy face

Morning Cuppa

Good Morning guys 🙂 amongst all the chaos in our living room right now I can still have a little smile on my face and say yay! God is good which means life is good 🙂  , Im feeling thankful for even the smallest of changes that we are making day by day. Yesterday we had the tree removal guy’s work there their stuff to create some space for our sheds/garden seating area., (see photos below)  Im really happy with the guys we chose they were efficient fast and did a great job of cleaning the garden and also cleaning all out tree branches from where we had cut some back …And then there was me working on all our files and office paper works which has caused me to scroll through youtube on how to compact a huge supply of office works into a tiny space. Which leads me to thinking that I will need to put in a crafts /office area which wasn’t really planned but greatly needed. Hubby doesn’t know this yet,  but Im feeling it needs to happen. I’ve way to much material and craft stuff and i’m thinking i’ll need the space for when I start to launch all my tutorials on here , I mean comon guys were’s a girl gonna work ? ya know what I mean 🙂  Sooo back to the garden progress. Heres a few pics.

Remember that messy corner I posted yesterday

What a mess

WHOOPA!!!  Well guys here is the progress, we were going to keep the blue palm, but after it was trimmed back , it just didn’t look great, so it had to go. As you can see in the second photo its far more spacious. So now we just have to wait on the excavator to come and destroy all that bad patio work and remove all the tree stumps and boulders . Apparently this corner hosted some kind of a water feature and also a mosquito haven, oh yeh! glad its gone because I’ve got some great plans for this corner 🙂 Oh and guess what I found in this corner after the tree removals , a table tennis table yes that right and its a big one too , not one of those little ones ,oh no sir.  Anyways back to the pics

After we removed those Golden Canes , well , all I can say is wow you guy’s , the space just looks so amazingly big, it looks like we just got given a whole new garden. I know it may not look that big from the photos but believe me its a whole new space we didn’t even think we had , oh we found a car seat hiding in among all the tree stems , goes to show ya ,we didn’t even know that was there. Here is the space now and I am loving it.

Today we are waiting on the guy’s to come back and remove two more stumps for our shed slab to go in tomorrow.

I have to say I am happy with who we chose and as I said above it took us more than half a day’s work and a trip to the skip but these guy’s got in and did the job so good , they even took away the trees that we couldn’t fit in our trailer and we didn’t even ask them too. We will definitely use these guy’s again. See below who we decided to use.

Tree lopping company

Well guy’s thats todays update so stay tuned as hopefully i’ll have more at the weekend. Stay cool guy’s

Exhausted But Happy

Well guys its been quite a while since i’ve blogged about anything as this little nest of ours is proving to have its ups and downs. One of the problems is getting people to come out and do the work we need. I know I said id have pics of the Laundry up on the blog but unfortunately we are still awaiting an available plumber and electrician to come out at the same time to move our water tank outside ,  soooo this has led to a bit of a standstill on the O’Connor laundry reno. On a brighter note 🙂 tomorrow the tree guys come out to take down some of our Palms and canes that are in the way of us pouring the slab for the sheds.  So hopefully the slab will go down on wednesday or thursday and the sheds can go up at the weekend and we can finally get most of the  stuff out of our bedrooms and into the sheds and start  working on some rooms whoo whoo!! Oh and hubby removed the bathroom wall that separated the toilet. The toilet had no wash basin in it ,which I just hated that , so hubby removed that wall to make the space bigger and im loving it … Also my one and only removed some of that ugly brickwork at the end of the bath/shower  , why it was there is kind of a puzzle to us , and to anyone that visits us. That piece of ugliness made no sense at all, and to what purpose it served has had us flabbergasted to what it was and why it was ever built  LOL!!

So guys heres a few before pics of our messy garden and messy trees that will be gone tomorrow YAY!  And  a few pics of the bathroom/ toilet wall removal, the rest of the bathroom reno is a little while away but it has made life is a little tiny bit simpler 🙂

So below is our right hand corner tree mess which also hosts a water feature that cannot be seen and maybe host some snakes too . So tomorrow this gets cut back ready for the escavator to come in and do what it does best , and that would be to remove all the ugly bolders and cement


Below are the Golden canes that we spent most of the day cutting down and and two trips to the tip and got nowhere! So it was time to call in the professionals and let them have the headache. which is tomorrow 🙂 YAY!!

Below is that ugly brickwork at the end of our bath/shower which served absolutely no purpose at all.


Below you can see how small our toilet was and also how small our bathroom is , we will also be taking down the toilet door and extending the whole bathroom and maybe adding a new window, debate on this one wether we will replace it or not .. I want too, but hubby doesn’t , sooo folks stay tuned in a few months to see who wins 🙂

Well Guys Ill get around to posting some pics  of the tree removals  tomorrow cant wait to see all the open space.. Its gonna be amazing and some more sun in that right hand ugly overgrown corner. Stay cool you guy’s

All moved in

So we have finally moved in and handed back the keys to our rental property. Things around here have been pretty pretty hectic, I should say crazy hectic. its been a two week journey of very mixed feelings. Ive literally had to climb my way over furniture and boxes, trying to find places to store stuff before I find it a home has not been an easy task. At one point we had only one seat to sit on and at one stage I couldn’t even get into my bedroom. Hubby still working away and only home at weekends so it hasn’t been easy at all.  Ive found myself standing in the one spot just looking around the kaos wondering where oh where does one even begin..  But on a more delightful note the kaos has led us to start immediately on the renovations. Our fridge wouldn’t fit into the spot it needed to go .. So down came that wall which put a huge smile on my face.

So when we seen the difference that made we decided to take down another part of the wall so we could fit the dining room table in. I even got in on the action with taken down the wall one brick at a time, and of course I helped with the clean up too.  Our good friend Steve just happened to arrive to see what we were upto and he couldn’t resist but lend a helping hand.

Well I must say that this little quick fix job has made life so much easier around here. With that wall gone I finally feel I can breath in this little nest and just makes such a difference.

When I first viewed this property I just seen the word potential scream out at me and I just had this dream of what I could turn this little gem into. So as you guys can see there is no waiting around in the O’Connor household we got to work on making our dream happen straight away 🙂

make your dreams happen mug

We have decided that the first room to work on will be our Laundry which should be finished by next week. We just don’t have anywhere to store all my kitchen items such as wok pressure cooker slow cooker etc etc. Our kitchen right now is just way too small , so its best to get shelves up and use it as storage at this time. Later on this little laundry room will become our walk in kitchen pantry. As for now we will just have to do with what we have and make the best of it. until all our planning approval is passed. Heres a quick look at the Laundry now. Hopefully by next week or so it will look completely different.

Another great find for a DIY job I did a few months back

Well guys I picked up this beauty at a second hand shop and it was pretty much scratch up. It wasn’t as cheap as I would have liked but it certainly had potential. I knew it was a genuine piece and when I got it home there it was right in the drawer the stamp that I wasn’t expecting to see. I googled the maker and the item popped straight up, in fact one link took me straight onto gum tree and the item was for sale second hand and selling for $550, wow $550 how cool was that! . Im not sure if i’ll sell this or just hold onto it in the new house.. Oh dear,  what to do what to do. Decision time again I suppose folks. I have such hard time with deciding what pieces to keep and what pieces to let go and then theres what pieces am I going to use in our new nest, oh and then theres whats going to fit and whats not. Going from a four bedroomed one office two sitting rooms two dining areas and two bathrooms to a little three bed house with one bathroom is going to be a real game changer and a challenge for us. It will definitely be one step at a time and one room at a time. Well I suppose i’ll just go get a cuppa tea and think about this piece keep or let go.

Over excited

Ok guys! Happy Friday …. I need to share how  soooo super excited I am today that I am  beyond myself right now, why? because its only three days to move in YAY!!  I can’t explain how over whelmed  I am with happiness right now that I literally have to keep making myself a cuppa tea just to try calm myself down. Umm!! at that thought I suppose I just have to bring out one of my favourite mugs 🙂

Well I’m off to play tennis after  I finish my second cuppa tea , maybe that will keep my mind of the move for for a while or maybe not! I’m pretty sure that knowing myself so well that my move is most likely all I’ll talk about on court. Anyways for now its one step at at a time or should I say one cuppa at a time untill Monday comes and throws those new house keys at us.

Happy Friday friends , roll on happy Monday!

One cup at a time

Little DIY Project 

Isn’t this just adorable, I love this little printable that I got from littlevintagenest . I’m using it so much in various places in my home , I must say it does move around quite a bit. It just seems to want to fit in anywhere I place it . So if an item can do this for me then it’s a bonus 

Good Morning World

Well I’m now counting the weeks till our move in which is ummm!! 4 weeks and 3 days from now to be percise and things start to change as from today. Hubby goes on a new job site for four weeks. He left the house about an hr ago at 3am and I’m just not able to sleep. I don’t sleep well anyways but my problem this time is not that I can’t sleep, its purely from my head is just spinning and spinning with idea’s about this new blog. For the first time since we have entered into our winter months all the way across the other side of the world in what is called the land down under my flannette sheets are unable to hold me in their warmth and cosiness and boy is it hard to drag me away from those soft warmth sheets these days. Twisting and turning and thinking about this blog and oh boy! some of those thoughts are,  am I going to fail with this blog are people going to like my posts who am I that anyone would bother to follow my reno and styling journey and then reality kicks in … Im doing this because of that voice that has been gently speaking in my ear for months and months to start this blog journey. I’m thinking that obedience is better than fear right now. Well guy’s I know I cant stop going on about how super excited I am right now about the new house that we soon move into and all renovations and styling idea’s in my head right now and setting up this new blog and also my new facebook page that I have set up where I’m hoping to start selling some of my wreaths and crafts and chalk painted furniture, you can see my page Right here   I just feel like i’ve got a million and one things to do at the moment and yet I’m enjoying every moment of it because of the excitement 🙂 Well Im going to do what I do first before I get ready and head for a game of tennis and that is have my cuppa morning tea and read a bit of my favourite book ever , my bible .. By the way I just cannot function unless I have two cuppa’s in the morning , thats just a me thing. Well its gonna be a busy day packing for the week and then I drive up this evening to meet up with my hubby. God is so good too we even have somewhere to stay during the week while hubby works, then back home at the weekend .  Well its tea time folks happy Monday all

Tea cup and Bible

Seasonal Decor

I totaly fell in love with this little table when I saw it at the back of our friends dad’s house. I didn’t even know it at the time but it was destined for the Skip. I asked my friend  why its around the back of the yard and he said “I told my dad to paint it or get rid of it” Suddenly I just lit up as I do when I see something like this, I “said please don’t throw it out ill take it’ 🙂 What I love about this table the most is all the paint chippings etc. As much as a chalk paint fanatic that I am, I just felt this gem speaks for itself, I just couldn’t take its charactor away and  I love the rusty stand too. I used it at Christmas and I’m pretty sure i’ll fit it somewhere in the new house. Vintage table

I just love pine cones and at Christmas I just have to have them all over my home .. I found this cute pic on Pinterest and thought id save it here on the blog. This will be a DIY project in my new house this Christmas for sure

How to make a wreath from scratch

How to make a wreath from scratch.
Hi guys the first thing I do is buy as much flowers and folliage as I can when they are on clearance. Don’t worry about over load as you can use them all over the house and when you start making stuff , believe me they will disappear very quickly.
I bought a basket , chalk painted it then placed all my flowers and stems in the basket and just used that as decor on a table. ( I just take them out of the basket and use them as I go) Though you will find yourself wanting to replace them quickly, just so you don’t run out and this is a great way of storing them if you don’t have space , just use them this way , bonus they will brighten up the house too 🙂

Here is the basket I painted and used to store my flowers

You can store them in your display cabinet

Use an used bean can ,just wash it out and spray it with some DW 40 that way it will remove the sticky residue and add shine to the can
Try and buy flowers and stems that have good quality, these will look far better and will look more expensive especially if you are planning to sell the wreaths. You can see the quality of the Orchids i’ve used here in the photo below . You can pay anything from 5 bucks to 16 bucks on a stem depending on how well you want your arrangement to turn out. So keep your eyes peeled for clearance items.

             The quality is so good you can see the veins on the petals in the pic
Items you will need for this project.
Artificial Hydrangeas and their leaves , Orchids, Roses, and some sort of white flowers (name to follow)
Vine Screening
Glue Gun and glue
Tie wire
Wire cutters
Secateurs or pruner
Cuppa tea or Coffee.
Lets begin the project 🙂
Unroll your vine screen so its laid out flat. depending on the thickness you want your vine wreath to be will depend on how you like it. I like it to be heavy and thick . I usually end up with four vines out of the roll. Get your wire cutters and start to cut the vine screen into sections of your choice.
  1. With one of the sections you just cut, start to roll it together , but don’t put pressure on it if you have decided to go for a more lighter weight wreath. (quick tip) > Sometimes the lighter the wreath then the easier to bend into shape , but I like them thick and heavy
2. Once you have rolled the vine grab your wire or string and tie from the centre first , then keep tieing towards the ends . You will use maybe 5 ties in total ( I used string in this project)
3. When its tied and secured with the string or wire just bend it into shape , but do this very gently or the vines will just snap. Then tie the two ends together making it into a circular shape . Your two ends should over lap. You can make this as small or as big as the you like by pulling it into shape and no need to worry if its thicker on one side than the other , the flowers will hide this. You may have to keep bending and squashing it into shape.

See how the wreath overlaps , Just pull it as small as you like or leave it this shape . The smaller you make it the thicker it will become , so my tip here is , if you want a small thick wreath , just cut your original vine a littler smaller , you may get 5 or more wreaths by doing this.
4. Shape it until you are happy and tie it securely

Secure the wreath by suing string or wire around the whole wreath
5. When you are happy with the look of the wreath get your flowers and arrange them to your hearts desire. (Quick tip) play around with this , you will be surprised at how many times you will change your mind so don’t just settle on your first arrangement.

Arrange your stems on your wreath , arrange a few times so you can acheive your desired look
6. When you like the look you have created start to glue your stems in place. If you don’t have a glue gun or don’t want to glue them, just tie them with wire or string , this will be a bit more time consuming because if your doing two matching and you tie them wrong, it means you have to keep redoing them till they match up the same . But the overall effect is the same wether glued or tied
7. Last thing to do is hold your wreath up and decide which angle you prefare , then centre a piece of string or wire in the centre of your wreath.
8. Finding a home to hang your project …..Hang it in your desired room 🙂

I chalk painted these old shutters a few weeks ago and they just needed a little flare to bring them to life. Mess around with your new wreath and you will soon find its perfect home. You will be surprised at how you will be inspired to make a few , With me it hard to make up my mind where I want to put my projects , but I was inspired with the old shutters that I already knew that these would go here
Happy days you guys , you just made your first wreath. 🙂 Enjoy using your project.

Through a Vintage Door

Hi everyone, thanks for dropping by my page I’m Teresa Taylor AKA Through a Vintage Door. I’m an Irish gal Living in Australia and life is just so good over here we are just so spoiled.

Ive started this blog so that all our family and friends back home can follow us on our little journey in creating our new home, but saying that all are welcome to follow us and see what we are doing (Oh trust me, we are always doing something)

Im a DIY fanatic and a crazy christmas loving gal , which you will find out! I’m the type of gal that will put my hand to absolutely anything and my moto is, if it works it works! and if it doesn’t work ,don’t worry i’ll make it work!

Being in Australia for 6 years!, yes 6 whole years! I just cannot believe it, since we original only came for a 6 week holiday, wowser! Me and my one and only have decided its time to stop renting and time to buy our first home in Aussie land.

We just bought this little fixer upper and I’m so super excited to start renovations and styling my new nest in just the way I want it to look. This is a quick sneak peak of the outside before we sadly but happily rip it apart.

9 avon ave