Hi all today we are styling our entry ways and bringing you some styling inspo! YAY!!

I’m joining my two friends Terrie and Tammy Terrie https://decorateandmorewithtip.com/ and Tammy https://patinaandpaint.com/

I’ll be doing my entry table and the other girls will be giving you inspiration on their entryways also. So be sure and check them out ( links at the end of my post)

First thing i did was cleared the entry table and added a wreath to my mirror!

I replaced the lamp from my lounge room to my entry way
I placed a huge vase and added blue/ gray floral and some earthy tones! You can check out how I did a diy on tbd case here>>>> DIY Stone Vase
I added these little blue and gold vases as they matched the colour scheme I was going for.
I added a trio of candles
I added back my tri frames!
On the bottom I added two different sized baskets both the same make! And just added a string of beads .. I needed to hide the lamp wire ..
On the bottom middle I added a wooden bowl on top of my interior decorating books ( The White Book) I collected these for years and got so much inspiration and joy just reading them!
And finally I added a hand made wood turned riser and a hand made wooden bowl.
This is my finished look
The finished look
This is just a quick shot of the way I was going to present it at first but swapped things around as I added in the lamp..

I really wanted to keep with the earthy and natural tones! I hope you like my styling inspiration and you can take something away from this!!

Don’t forget to pop over and give Terrie and Tammy a thumbs up I’ve added both links at the bottom of my post!

Thanks for stopping by and stay safe and God bless

Teresa xoxo



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