Hi all! Welcome back !!! Its so hard to believe that Christmas has been here and gone and all the Christmas decor is down and packed away I’d just like to say that I hope your Christmas went well and you have a great new year for 2023!

So now that all the Christmas decorations are down and safely packed away for another year I need to restyle the top of my bookcase/ shelving unit..

In this post I’m teaming up with Terrie from @ https://decorateandmorewithtip.com and Tammy from @patinaandpaint.com

I’ll leave their links at the bottom of my post so please jump over and check them out and give them a thumbs up..

First thing I did was get all the Christmas decor down and start with a blank slate ( except for the mirror door ) that has been up all year round and way to heavy for me to move!

I’m only focusing on the top shelf of the bookcase. I’ll be moving it across the other side of the room so I’m not fussy how the rest of the shelves looks right now!!

Next I added my terracotta vases and added sone faux greenery! Such a winner and they look good and I don’t even have to water them!! Bonus!

Terracotta vase
Stone jug vase that I’ve had since I was 20 years old
Thrifted find
Only $2
Unfortunately that shop has closed down now.
Vase I’ve owned for so long imported from Ireland
Another case from Ireland . It’s mint green and tbd photo doesn’t do it justice .. It’s heavy too!
This item is made of plastic it originally had jute rope on it and I stripped and painted it to look like stone .. I do have a blog post on this!
I added this stone lady figurine.. depending on my mood I call her the crying lady or the thinking lady lol!!

Lastly I added a wreath in earthy tones

I do hope I’ve inspired you somewhat and thanks for dropping by.

Don’t forget to check out the other girls and give them a thumbs up!

Love and stay safe till next time!!

Teresa xoxo


https://patinaandpaint.com/styling-an-every-day-mantle/ ‎



2 thoughts on “Styling The Top Of A Shelving Unit

  1. Great find on the wreath, looks great on the frame. I love all your great pottery pieces, especially the DIY vase. Great job on that by the way! Your book shelf looks amazing Teresa!


  2. Teresa you do such a great job putting all of these wonderful elements together! Love everything on the shelf! Thanks so much for sharing!


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