Hi friends and welcome back. If you have stuck around so far you will know that today is day six of our master bedroom refresh and it’s also the reveal day.

Today we get to show you the whole room in it’s glory!

Special thanks to our host Terrie for hosting and planning this whole series! You can find Terrie here >>> http://www.decorateandmorewithtip.com

Don’t forget to check out my friends bedrooms reveal today, as usual I have posted all there links at the end of my post!!

So let’s begin with the reveal!

I painted up the mirrors and brought in some night stands from the other room . I painted them charcoal to match the new dresser
I’m really loving the colours here.
This is the before picture!
Before I painted the mirrors and brought in the new night stands
A view with the ceiling lights off
I’ve had this trunk since I was 20 .. I put Al my treasured items in this such Christmas cards birthday cards etc .. things from vacations that are close to my heart!
The corner in the room , I brought in the table that I revamped a few weeks ago .
Main lights are off in the room . Don’t you just hate when photos don’t do the warmth of the setting any good !

Hope you all enjoyed the series

Skip on over to my friends below and see their bedroom reveals



https://youtu.be/ovHdKLKxvVE https://youtu.be/ovHdKLKxvVE


Thanks for following all!!

God bless



One thought on “Master Bedroom Refresh Reveal Day

  1. Teresa, I love the black, it warms the room up and pops against the beautiful painted wall. I think that was a great decision, I love the glass knobs on the stands because it matches the lamps and gives it personality. Great job refreshing your room. Love it!

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