Hi all and welcome to my week one of my half bath makeover..

Over the next three weeks I’m teaming up with some friends to do a half bath bathroom makeover..

My team buddies are Terrie from decorateandmorewithtip and Tammy from Patina and Paint . I’ll add their links at the end of my post so make sure to pop on over and check them out, y’all get to see what they are up to on their challenge

Ny inspiration Board

I wanted to bring in some greys gold and silver tones into this little half bath room, I know it sounds a little mixed matched but I thought , what the hec I can always change it if I don’t like it, right ?

Basically the room was a blank canvas and we got the professions in to do what we weren’t aloud as here in Australia they have strict compliance rules. Things we can’t do ourselves are as follows

  • Plumbing
  • Electrics
  • Tiling in certain areas

Here is our powder room as a blank canvas

So the first thing we installed was the vanity

Then the sink was installed and tiling got done on the same day
The electrician came and installed the pendent light for me.

We managed to get a mirror put up over the vanity and the plumber came to install the Taps. Bonus!!!

I installed a simple towel holder as I didn’t really know how my powder room would turn out like, especially with mixing silver and gold tones so keeping it simple is best for now. I can always change it out later on if I need too.

As the room stands today

I hope you liked the beginning of my half bath makeover challenge. Don’t forget to pop over to Terrie and Pammys blogs

I’ve put the links to my other two friends below so check out their makeovers . I’m pretty sure they will have some great tips and lots of inspiration for you all!

Stay tuned to see my update next week!!

Stay blessed all and have a great weekend!




6 thoughts on “Powder room makeover one room at a time Friday

  1. Teresa how fun to start from a blank canvas and work your way up. Already the things that you have done are amazing! I love that sink and the tile is so pretty. I mix metal colors all the time – I love the look of it. Also, I love all of your “apothecary ” glass jars and dispensers etc. So cute. I can’t wait to see how this half bath turns out.

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    1. Thanks Tammy , I can’t wait to get to the styling part and see how it ends up .. I’m very happy to be in this challenge . It got me into action to finish this room!!


  2. Teresa starting with a blank canvas is so fun! I love all the choices you picked out, the tile is gorgeous and the sink…..love that! Can’t wait to see what you have in stored for us next week.


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