Hi all (waves) Welcome to another thrift store challenge hosted by my blogging buddy Tara!

As usual the rules are that the item can be purchased from a thrift store, garage sale or it can be an item found at a curb etc , you get the picture!!! . Or it can be simply something that you have thrifted a while back and is lying around your house..

Other than drawing closer to the end of my renovations these challenges get me so excited , they have become my little break away from the madness of this renovation and actually these challenges feel like a breath of fresh air if you get what I’m saying!!! Moving on πŸ™‚

This months challenge is this little dough bowl (pictured below) that I found at a thrift store for only $10. I’ve spent a lot of time debating on wether or not I should paint it but and after a whopping five months , yep only five months, Ive decided to just leave it as is .. So to be honest it’s not very exciting , the only exciting thing about it is the purchasing price, as I scored it for only ten bucks and these usually retail at around $100

Sometimes we come across bargains that just don’t need to be up cycled but purely just loved and styled.. Have you ever looked at something that you’ve thrifted and wondered why someone didn’t want it ? Well in this case I did exactly that , wondered why it ended up in this shop…. As my friend and I headed to the counter to pay for our goods she made it very clear that if she had spotted the dough bowl first seen the item first that she would have wiped it up … My friend couldn’t believe I got it for 10 bucks!!!

One day I might paint it but for now I’m just going to love it and leave it just as it is!! I feel that this thrifted throw away in its present state can blend into many of my rooms just as it is , for now anyways!! Right now I’m using it in my bedroom…

As always I am leaving all my other blogging buddies links below so be sure to check them out.. They are amazing!!!! πŸ™‚

Here is how I styled the little dough bowl by just adding some simple pumpkins and faux flowers!!!

As always I am leaving all my other blogging buddies links below so be sure to check them out.. They are amazing!!!! πŸ™‚