You have heard it said that one mans junk is another mans treasure. Well let me tell you guys, truer words have never been spoken!

I’ve teamed up with some very talented ladies to come up with something that I could find in a thrift store and style it or repurpose it!! Well as most of my friends know that would just have me jumping with excitement (Happy dance going on right now) Yehaw!!!

Sorry let’s get back to the challenge item!!!

Who would ever think that one would spot something from a distance and the charge like a crazy lady whilst almost  knocking down any one that got in the way of my direct line of charge!

Well here is the item in its full glory!

As you can see it was very dark and gloomy and in its state I would never have used it in my home. When I found this item I was out thrift store shopping with a very good friend. While she shops for expensive vintage finds for resale for her shop, on the other hand I shop for items I can paint or repurpose and sell it on or in my case most times keep ( I have a hard time parting with stuff)

I purchased the the picture frame for a whopping $10 (Yay bargain) I already had the chalk paint and some dollor tree eggs that I purchased like 10 years ago, well ok not 10 but at least 4 and then I used some berry fonds that fell from my Alexander palm which I made the nest from!

Here is the finished product which took only a few hours to complete!

Nothing screams more spring than little bird eggs right!!!

I started off with chalk painting the whole frame and picture!

Here above is the berry fonds that fell from my tree.. I just dry these out in the sun for a short time and use them for multiple things in my home.

These are the items I used that I have in my home!

Paint of course 😊

Toothpicks for the eggs

Annie Sloan round paint brush

Glue gun

Styrofoam eggs

Styrofoam eggs which I painted with the wattyl aged metal effect bronze… Did I mention this product was on clearance two years ago!! Don’t believe when there is a use by date!! As you can see that my little bronze eggs came out perfect!

So I painted the frame and picture and then made the nest from the berry fonds by just cutting a length and tying it together with some gold thread. I then painted the eggs with rust-oleum chalk paint in serenity blue and the bronze metal effect colour. I then used the toothpicks so I could position it all the way I wanted and then used my glue gun to glue it all together!!

Now we can move on to see how I styled it and were I’m using it

So as you can see I’ve decided to use it mainly in my bathroom! Although I have some Easter pictures that I also made, I can take those away now that Easter is over and I can still use my little beauty for the remainder of Spring

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!!

Happy thrifting to all my thrifting friends!!

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    1. Thank you Emily.. I loved teaming up with you girls for this challenge!! Everyone had great inspiration!!! It was exciting to see everyone’s challenge! 🤗


  1. Teresa, Not only was this a great Thrift find but it is a great DIY. I love the details of the frame and love that you can change the design out as the season changes. Great challenge blog. Was nice working with you on this challenge!

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